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Originally Posted by luidge View Post
Good lord that was freakish.
I was in the bus when i removed my E3 to listen to the guy in front of me who ask me about some stuff i don't even remember. Then i look at my earburds and it was naked! The sleeves was stuck in here!!!
I think i just push the tip too far.
I kept my calm and go directly to the hospital wich was near. The doc was pretty much laughing at me and my new tech toys .
Have this ever happen to some of you?
Yes, it has:


I had many embarrassing incidents with my E3C. They would get caught in my ear during my train commutes, and I would have to tug the top of my ear to try to get them out. Then another time I was walking outside at night and one of the sleeves again got caught in my ear. I began tugging at my ear again, but this time the police noticed me and stopped me. They thought I was intoxicated; I told them what I was doing, but I still had to prove that I wasn't drunk. So, I stood on one foot...and then I got smart with them and broke out a dance move, just to stick it to them.

Needless to say, I didn't stick with the Shure E3C. The sleeves falling off became too much of a hassle. I moved to the UE Super.fi5 Pro from there, then the Shure E500 (which is my current IEM). I was ecstatic when I saw that the nozzle had ridges (unlike the E3C), and it's almost impossible for them to come off now (I even have trouble getting them to come when I pull hard).
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I think this happen to me at least 10 time over the past couple of year... just gently scrap it out with my pinky each time.
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you guys wouldn't have this problem if you bought e500s/SE530s with the barb on the nozzle
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It happened to me once with my E4 and the medium clearflex tip while I was in New York. I was staying in a tiny single dorm room didn't have any tweezers on me so I ended up using the thin part of a belt buckle to get it out - they got stuck in both ears so it took a long time and was painful as hell. I've never used the clearflex ones since.
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why would u go to a doctor? you could have taken it out yourself.
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Originally Posted by frescagod View Post
you guys wouldn't have this problem if you bought e500s/SE530s with the barb on the nozzle
I remeber the flex tip stuck in my ear while using the e500 at least 3 times...
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Originally Posted by milkpowder View Post
How do you use tweezers on yourself? Can you see into your ears with a mirror? Better give it to a friend or parent or doctor...
3-way adjustable mirrors FTW!

(*well, not that big, but let's say bathroom sized)

uggh, the reason which put me off IEMs the first time around. (w00t, found my thread about it). tweezers was the way to go, and not a bent paperclip...V_V
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Are you guys talking about the triple flanges stuck in your ears or the foams? I have a regular canal iem that doesn't really go into the ear, but I was planning to get the im716 now I'm not so sure about it anymore after I read this thread
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I keep a long dowel rod around for just this reason. If they get stuck, i just push them all the way through until they come out the other ear.
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I have had it happen twice with Complys. Not a big deal, only annoying. I just took a pair of needle nose pliers and tried to grab it. I couldn't see and it took a few tries but they come out.
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this happened to me with my marshmallows. unfortunately... i was at school. so i had to go through an entire day with a big great piece of foam stuck waaaaay down in my ear... i had to take a bath to get them out!

well, at least i know i can get a really damn good seal.
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I never had my Grados get stuck in my ears. Think I'll stick with them.
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