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the dt 880's are grainy and sibilant. and not as detailed as the K701s. the rest is very similar. i don't see why there is even a comparison in the first place. k701 winds hands down.
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I find the DT 880 to have a more believable and more natural lower midrange than the K 701. The balance overall is better in the DT 880 in my opinion. The K 701 definitely recovers more detail, though.

No grain or sibilance here!
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With my DT880 2005 and Opera thereĀ“s neither grain or sibilance. Only musical experience...
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years of burn in on the dt880

Originally Posted by Reputator View Post
I'm surprised by how indecisive this thread is!

It sounds like the K701 is very well developed, while the DT880 has great potential but takes some kneeding, some real working to get it at its peak.

I really want to like the DT880, because it sounds like in the end you can have a more detailed and extended headphone with it rather than just "settling" with the K701.

If all goes according to plan I might try for the DT880, because it just seems like it would fit the bill for my needs if I gave it a chance. Coupled with a warm sounding amp (like those from HeadRoom) and maybe a little bass boost with the equalizer (or sound card drivers, whichever works better), and plenty of burn in and I could have an excellent headphone.

I wonder what 70-80% bass boost and overly high volumes would do for it overnight?
i own the dt880 (2003) and love it, but i also love the k701, though prefer it for electronic music such as daniel lanois where eeriess is of upmost importance. overall, i feel that the dt880 fits more genre and in my listening experience has not been supplanted by a similarly priced headphone, but for a very other-wordly feel, nothing can beat the detail, bass definition and separation of the k701.
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Originally Posted by cvince View Post
You dug up an old thread here XD. I've been pretty happy with my Gilmore Lite as an amp for the K701s. If you can spare the extra cash though, the Heed CanAmp has been known to have an incredible synergy with the K701s and it eliminates a lot of the K701s weaknesses.

Search Heed CanAmp, and have a read.
perhpas this should have been an edit, but i have the heed and the dt880 and not heard the k701 with it. i had heard back to back, the dt880 and k701 at a meet with the meier ha mark II i think. for both headphones, beautiful combination. my heed is great with the dt880 as the soundstage which is extraordinary to begin with gains more emphasis from the rear of my head as well and bass seems to jump up from the floor on some depeche mode albums. i have listened to many sources now with the heed powering my dt880 and 770 pro and can say only good about the combo... and not enough about the headphone
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cvince, thanks for the advice Yeah I've been coincidently researching a bit on the Heed Canamp to power my k701. Do you know whether it is available in Australia? I'm running direct to the cans from my Auzen X-Meridian 7.1 (LM4562s) currently.

Oops, I apologize guys if I am off topic. Cheers
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