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Isolation in canal phone question

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Hello all;

I've wanted to try the ER4P canal phones, but figured I'd hedge my bets by trying the Sony 70SL first. (I know Todd offers a 30 day money back, but shipping to Canada is expensive.)

Not too impressed with the sound of the 70SL yet, will reserve judgement for a spell and try some of the posted tweaks, but like the sound blocking.

My question, can any of you describe the level of sound isolation in the ER line? I know it's 20ish DB, but can you describe that in laymans terms? Is that a car motor? A conversation?

If the sound isolation is 1 on the Sony 70SL, what would the ER be on a scale of ten?

many thanks-I enjoy the free for all mix here

Mackay maus
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I have the KOSS Plug, the Sony EX70LP, and the Etymotics ER-4S. The ER-4S (with the default white eartips) blocks noise better than the Plug, and the Plug blocks noise better than the EX70LP. I have not tried the foam eartips with the ER-4S yet. The difference, in terms of sound blocking, between the ER-4S and the Plug is bigger than between the Plug and EX70LP.
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If you compared the Etys to the EX70, you'd think the EX70s weren't blocking anything...

If the EX70s were a 1, the Etys would probably be an 8.

With nothing playing, you can barely make a conversation if the person is close to you. With something playing, it is impossible to converse.
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The easiest thing to do is go to your local drug store (CVS in the states) and buy some earplugs. they come in 25db to 29db isolation range, I think, which should give you an idea about how good 20db will be. Be sure to role them a bit before putting them in.

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(CVS in the states)
OR Walgreens
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I can add a few impressions that might help on Ety isolation.

I live next to a noisy street, and the street noise that comes through an open window disappears. A fan in the room with me disappears. TV at normal levels in my listening room disappears except for quiet passages. A vacuum cleaner in the next room does the same.

What noise is left is a very minor distraction, much less than the noise that would typically be there when listening to speakers. On the other hand, higher pitched sounds are fairly audible but quite muffled. Conversation at normal levels can be detected but not understood easily.

Hope that gives you more of a notion of what to expect.
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I feel so isolated

Thanks to all of you who took the time to answer my question about sound isolation. Great explantion for a layman like myself.

Much appreciated.

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