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List 3 of your cans, but which will you never part with! - Page 7

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Shure E500
AKG K701
Yamaha RH5MA

Out of those, I will never get rid of the Yams! My first good phone, and they still sound great.
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DT-990 '05 Edition X3
I sold the rest
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I will never part with these 3:

AKG K240 Sextet (Normal Version)
AKG K240 Sextet (Bass-Heavy Version)
Beyerdynamic DT931 (w/ 120 ohm adapter)
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I love all my phones. The only ones that don't get much use are the HD580s. All the rest do, but I would part with any and all of them if it were to upgrade to an L3000, R10, HE90, or OII. I think those are some phones that people would not likely ever part with.
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AKG 701, Sen 580, RS2(?) AKG 1000 ( would never part with if I owned it)
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1. SA5000 (esp. for electronica & electric guitars)
2. HD580 (a steal considering the price, great all-around)
3. V6 (15 years old, still going strong)
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Grado RS-1
AKG K701
Grado SR-60
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1. Koss PortaPro (23+ years and still awesome)
2. ATH-Em7GM (wonderful sound and soooo light!!)
3. Philips SBC HS 303 (great for hikng and working out)
4. Always seeking something to bump the others.

I have had, and have a couple of others, but nothing really spectacular. I am always open to hearing something new and being pleasantly surprised.
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"NEVER" is a strong word so of course my answer is a "soft" never (meaning if it meant my kitten's life or the end of civilization as we know it then I'd give up the can in a heartbeat) -- the Qualia. We'll likely not see its kind again for a very long time. Along with the HE90, it represented a rare balls-out effort to make the best product possible in its day, regardless of price. These kinds of borderline-arrogant efforts don't always succeed in the business world (and in the case of these two cans the efforts arguably didn't), but they sure are fascinating from a historical perspective as well as an aesthetic one. Of course, they sound pretty good too!
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1. K81DJ
2. K601 (not 100% on this one)
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Anything that you guys don't buy.
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I'd hold onto just my modded Porta Pro if I have situation in my cash flow....
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My K340s are never going out of my do'!
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No third choice....all else expendable for now....and the search goes on....
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1) L3000
2) Qualia 010

Thought I would hold on to the R10 longer, but couldn't justify the cost any longer. I really doubt I'll ever be compelled to sell the L3000 or Qualia, though. I would have to be absolutely finished with headphones before I'd consider a sale - nothing else in the headphone world compares to these two for my music listening pleasure.
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