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Earmax Pro mods?

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i have rolled the tubes on the EMP, and it does do wonders.

but are there other things that can be improved? oil filled caps? others?

i only got it two weeks ago. and am already so tempted to reach inside my new toy...
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I would like to encourage you to do so, but I will be wrong to do so. EarMax will be overflowing with parts, I don't think I can crawl though the mess.

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surely, if i have to ask such a question, i would've opened it regardless. but i am just enjoying it so much, i don't want to give up the music.

music or tweaking. so hard to decide!
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Good alteranative would be to build a clone. Then you will be heavily modify the amplifier.

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Tomo, you wouldn't happen to have a schematic for an Ear Max Pro clone, would you?
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Try here.

If you are succesful, I'll buy one off you.
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To be honest with you, Possum. Personally, I don't see much good about the circuit other than the fact that it will run with lower voltage.

If I were to build a tube headphone amp, I will go full out and build full scale (not in size but voltage) like Andrea's amps or mu-follower amps. You will get higher voltage swing and, thus, less clipping and running out of juice.

You won't be able to drive low impedance headphones with normal tube amps anyhow. So I would just go with designs with 100 ohm output impedance or so and get myself cool 300~600 ohm headphones.

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Still wondering what the difference is between Ear Max (which the Morgan Jones is the clone of) and the Ear Max Pro.


What's your opinion of Andrea's "Top-Level OTL Tube Headphone Amplifier?" I'm not ready to go all out and build one of Andrea's massive amps, like the "No-Compromise." I'm trying to keep it as simple as possible in case I have to troubleshoot anything, and to keep the enclosure to a reasonable desk-friendly size.

The most complicated part of the Top-Level, for me, seems to be the figuring out the power supply schematic. Other than that, I'd have to spend some time to find a good layout of all components on a PCB or vector board, and then in an enclosure.
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Andrea's amps are not particularly big. You should be able to build anyone of his amps pretty small. His designs only have 1 or 2 stages and that should not cloud up your cases. You should notice that no-compromise and top level amps are 80% identical.

Andrea did not build them small because larger sizes suited him to do many experiments. You should be able to build much smaller.

Tubes make it hard for you to do PCB. I would just do point to point. The circuits are very straight forward and simple. They should not cause you much pain.

Morgan Johns amp was reverse engineered from EarMax. (as I was told) This keeps Mr Johns from having license issues with EarMax manufactures.

I would rather choose different designs than Mr Johns amp. I hear you run out of juice once in a while. Also, voltage swing will be limited due to low PSU voltage. ... so on.

Possum, you should just come and talk to me in person. I have multitude of other schematics and ideas in my personal library. Email me and find time to come over.

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