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Sold a pair of headphones. Great communication and prompt payment - hassle-free int'l transaction. Highly recommended!
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I've sold to Kees a pair of ATH-W10VTG.

The transaction went smooth&fast.
Super recommended head-fier!
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I bought a pair of HD600s from Kees. He shipped right away and answered all of my question properly. Surely a cool head-fier here.
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Kees brought my Deep Cup Darth Beyers. He paid real quick and the transaction was extremely smooth. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with again. Thanks again Kees and enjoy the new cans.
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Kees sold me his Sennheiser HE60/HEV70, in a partial trade for my Edition 9 and some cash from me.

Even though he only had part of the sale as cash, he shipped the Senns immediately, 12-24 hours before I could ship the Edition 9 that I offered up as part of the trade. Some people might see it the other way around, but it was his deal and he could have waited till the full payment arrived. So, I appreciated it.

While I got the Senns in yesterday with no sound coming out of the right side (with either of my amps), I didn't panic, knowing they just needed to be run a bit to wake up after an international flight and extreme changes in temperature and humidity. In 5 minutes there was faint sound from the right, and even more sound the longer it was running. After a full night hooked up to the SRM-1 Mk2 the HE60 was working great with no channel imbalance! I have a 110v PSU on order from Sennheiser, that should ship to me by the end of next week, but I am certain that I will find the HEV70 works fine as well. I could always cut the 230v wallwart cable cable and solder the connector to a 24v PSU that I have here, but I am a patient guy.

Communication was good (except I don't know if you like the 9's), and everything was as described and packed well. I would be happy to deal with Kees again in the future.

I CALL DIBS ON THE EDITION 9 IF YOU DECIDE TO SELL THEM LATER (sequential serial number to my other pair)!
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Bought Kees' K400s. Shipped quickly and came as described, great communication.
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Kees bought my GS1000. Communication was excellent, and the transaction was executed smoothly. He also followed up to report the receiving status. That's a big plus for online trades.
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Kees bought my Denon AH-D2000.
Great communication, fast payment.
A pleasant transaction.
Highly recommended.
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I purchased a set of hard-to-find Sony PVR-V1 phones from Kees. Communications were superb throughout the transaction and the phones arrived promptly even considering international shipping.

They were very well packed and arrived in perfect condition. I can recommend him without reservation, whether as a buyer or seller.

Thanks, Kees!
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Me and Kees had a mini group-buy for GS1000 pads. Kees is very patient (had some problems with paypal verification, import duties, holiday), paid quickly and was very nice to deal with. 100% honest and I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him in the future!
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I sold a KH-K1000 to Kees. He payed right away and I had absolutely no problems with the sale.
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Bought an Edition 9 from Kees.
Flawless transaction, enjoyable communication, fast shipment with tracking, well packed item in prisitine condition.
Lack of manual/receipt doesn't matter finally and isn't the fault of Kees.
Thanks, Kees, my recommendations.

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Great customer to deal with, a pleasure. Thanks, Kees.
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Hello, I bought a kenwood k1000 from kees. Actually he reacted to my btw. Everything went fast and smoothly. I paid him yesterday and I have the phone today, I call that fast...
Greetings, Anouk
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Sold Kees my RWA Signature Source Selector. A pleasant and silky smooth experience. Kees paid fast, was very friendly, responsive and a real gentleman - A real bonus to Head-Fi community !

F. Lo
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