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I sold Kees a pair of headphones. He paid immediately, communicated clearly and followed up with prompt payment. This was a very smooth transaction and I would gladly do business with Kees again in the future.
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I sold something else to Kees, and the second transaction was just as good as the first
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We traded headphones, and everything went as smoothly as it can get... well... except little hassling from my part.

A+ person to deal with.
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Kees bought the O2 from me. The whole transaction was extremely smooth. He is responsive in communication, send fast payment (from Europe!). An really honest and pleasant guy to deal with. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again. A+.
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Kees purchased my Meizu M6SL. The transaction was quick and easy with good communication. Don't hesitate to deal with Kees as it was a pleasure!
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Kees bought a pair of K1000 from me.
Everything went smooth and fast - I will gladly deal with him again!
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Kees bought some balanced cables from me. He paid promptly, and things went very smooth. Great transaction!
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Extremely recommended buyer. Completed the deal in less than two hours. Fast payment and polite. Would definetely do business with him again
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Kees got my D2 from me and was a pleasure to do business with, fast pay and great communication. An A++ headfi'er. Enjoy the D2 Kees
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Sold RAL headphone cable to Kees. Payment was made promptly and always communicative. A positive experience for me.
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Kees bought an EarMax Pro from me. Communication was fast and smooth as well as payment and feedback on shipping. It was a pleasure to deal with Kees.
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Kees ordered an APureSound V3 Sennheiser cable. Very easy to work with.

Enjoy the music!

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I bought a pair of headphones from Kees. The transaction was very pleasant, communication great and everything went smooth. I received the phones well-packaged and in great condition. Would definitetly do business again!
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i just got the DT990 with leather and velvet pads (2005) from Kees. Very straight forward deal! things are nth but awesome! great seller!
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hi all ,i baught sum 701,s off kees they were totaly awsum,he seems like a top geezer ,would buy all day long off him,thanks karl uk!!!!!!
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