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Kees bought my W100. He was very courteous, and friendly. He paid quickly, and everything from payment to communication went smoothly. Thanks!
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Kees purchased a pair of headphones from me. Everything mega said about his transaction is true for mine as well. Another super smooth cross-Atlantic sale from NY to the Netherlands.

Highly recommended!
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I had the pleasure of trading some Grado 325i's with Kees and the whole process was a pleasure. Nice guy and lots of communication while the two packages crossed each other.

Look forward to next time.

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Kees bought a stock HD650 cable from me. great buyer.
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I just bought the W100s from Kees.

Made contact on the Thursday, communcation was quick, clear and friendly. I received good pictures with handwritten notes confirming the pics were genuine. We agreed a deal, they were sent on the Friday and I received a copy of the postal receipt by e-mail. The cans turned up at my door first thing on the Monday morning. Exactly as described and well packed.

I'd glady deal with Kees again and would recommed everyone else does the same
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picked up some AT EW-9's frm kees. They made it half way around the world in under a week, and were packaged perfectly. truly a great seller and a very nice guy.

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Sold my AH-AD2000 to Kees, very very prompt payment and even gave me great tips on speaker choices!! Would definitely do deals with him in the future!!

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Kees purchased 2 pairs of rca cables from me. Fast payment, excellent communication and very polite. Smooth trade, couldn't ask for more!
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Traded my k701 for ad2k. Very friendly and reliable guy. Will deal with him again, no problem.
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Kees bought Stax-001 unit from me. Very good buyer with fast action. I like this kind of deal.
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Sold a headphone to Kees. Friendly and efficient communication. Excellent buyer.
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Traded headphones with Kees - he was great to work with!
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Herbie tube dampers

Sold Kees some of my unused tube dampers. Kees is always a pleasure to deal with - he pays fast, is responsive and polite, and make the whole transaction a smooth and enjoyable experience. One of my best buyers !

F. Lo
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Kees is great to deal with. He bought some Darth beyers from me and it was totally smooth. Highly recommended.
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bought a cable from kees. he was very patient and waited a few days for me to send payment. the packaging was great, and the cables are in beautiful condition. pleasure to deal with. thank you.
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