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Sonus Faber Concertino's

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I'm just looking for some opinions on these speakers...

I'm going to audiotion them vs. my HD600's and Grado RS-1's out of a Sony 333ES in a couple weeks, but wondered if anyone had heard them, and if they're any good. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Never heard them, but they're fairly well respected over at AudioAsylum, so it should be an interesting comparison. I think everybody will be looking forward to it.
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Just to let everyone know, I did audition the Concertino's and found them to be wonderful speakers. In fact, I'm thinking of moving more towards speakers right now, and I'll probably be getting rid of my RS-1's shortly. I really like and listen to the HD600's more because they suit my taste in music better. The Concertino's will probably be what I listen to most from now on, once I get them of course... but I always gotta keep good headphones around Anyway, I auditioned them on a Sony 333ES, which I really liked. Not sure I'm gonna upgrade just yet, but it's definitely in the future. Gotta see how the speakers sound on my Denon right now

Oh, quick question to anyone out there. As far as integrated amps go, I can't spend much money right now, and am looking at just getting something to hold me over until I can get what I want. So I'm thinking of an integrated Yamaha (100x2), not a receiver, just and amp. Anyone have any opinions? The Martin Logans it was powering sounded darn good, so I think the Concertino's will be fine for now with it.
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I got a chance to listen to the Concertinos recently (Abeit at a Tweeter). Unfortunatly I didn't have a good variety of CDs with me, but they sounded quite good.

They were too far apart to make a cohesive soundstage though, which wasn't good (They were around 20 feet apart or so, and not placed very well).

I don't think comparing them to the HD600s would be the best idea, as they have different sounds, at least in the positions they were in (On the speaker rack next to the wall).

For a small bookshelf, they had a lot of punch, and bass was surprisngly deep, but not boomy like the Klipsches I heard right before them. Moving them away from the wall wold have made it sound better though. The mids sounded slightly recessed, but that is about all I could ascertain and remember (Or perhaps is the Klipsch'es forward mids that made theese sound recessed).

They also sounded bright to me, but again this was comparing them to some cheap Klipsch bookshelves and the Celestions I got which are more dark then neutral, so again my perception could have been wrong. Silibance wasn't a problem however, and no sharp humps like the Klipsches had in the upper midbass.

Take my opinions with a big grain of salt, but in short I was impressed given the poor setup (And I had no intention of buying them, so the salesperson had no intention of moving them, he was a bit of an ass).

In short I was impressed and wish I could afford to get them, or another similar speaker. Definantly worth auditioning.
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Ah, I listened and will probably buy at Tweeter, and since I was buying, the salesman moved everything just perfect. It was nice.

They didn't sound necessarily bright to me. The did sound very rich and big for such a small speaker. And I agree about the bass, it was indeed impressive.

As far as comparing to HD600's, I really just wanted to make sure I would actually listen to the speakers (IE: they're comparable to the HD600's). And I will definitely listen to these, they sounded great. They did let me bring my headphones and amp in, gave me the room for a couple hours, and I just went to town. So I got some pretty good listening in. Can't wait to get 'em!
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