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Augh!!! There's too many!!! Okay, just a few more:

Drew of Moon Audio at his table. Oski (Ray) wearing the W5000 (interesting, Ray owns this can). Naris seated in the background, at the audio-technica table.

More of the Moon Audio table. As of yet unnamed balanced amp, with Moon Audio recabled RS-2 (er, RS-1?). Fishlips in the red shirt...

Singlepower table. SDS-XLR with blue accents in background. Blingstro (golden balanced Maestro) in foreground. Philodox's K340 (the modded AKG with beautiful wooden cups) and balanced HD650 on the table. (BTW, each sound AWESOME with that amp)

Another shot of the SDS XLR/Bingstro and K340. (If I were really good I would be able to identify whose hands those are, based on the glasses on the table. But I'm not).

Mikhail of Singlepower on the left with the balanced R10. That's Jude listening to the balanced HD650. Danny of Dannyandelise looking on.

Jahn, you lucky bastard. He just won the K81DJ in the raffle!

John Grado in red, Todd (the vinyl junkie), Jude holding the check, immtbiker (Aaron)

Tyll, Wes Phillips of Stereophile, the Sennheiser rep (sorry, forgot his name, you can look it up), Sugarfried of Shure

Wes, Sennheiser guy, Sugarfried, Floran Koenig of Ultrasone (GREAT GUY!!!!), AKG rep (another great guy! sorry I forget your name)

Same... Etymotics head (with beard) and Jerry of Ultimate Ears on the right

Okay, wow my brain's fried and there's too many picts! PM me if you really want to know who someone else is.


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**Passes out***

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Okay, last one: Day2

Er, Ed, you posted this one before!

New RSA B-52. You can see Ray's Meridian on the way upper right. Dunno who's seated and listening.

Power stage of new B-52

Opened Original CDP at the AAA Audio Table. HR2 and power supply to the right. No idea whose fingers those are.

jpleg (Jimmy) with SA5k on the stand on top of the Esoteric CDP, but it looks like he's holding a woody plug. To the right you can spot the Corda Aria, to the left, a Veda Audio Dynahi, with K340 and HD650 with Cardas cable. I wish I knew what headamp amp that was (Gilmore Reference?) But dang that Grey power condiitioner is too awesome.

Alrightie - another toughie. From left to right
Voltron standing. Don't know who'se in the chair in the front, but that's ultrasone's Florian Koenig seated on the left. MikeG standing and walking towards us. Hirsch to his right standing. Can't say who's to the right, jcx with the pony-tail in the background. Seated is lan with the new Grado GS-1000, standing in red is mercuttio (Dave) again, and Jahn with the red hat. tjkurita (John) standing to the right, can't tell who's seated right.

BrianS's dad in the red t-shirt. BrianS with the K 1000 out of psychoZX's (Joe)'s rig. That's PsychoZX talking with BrianS's dad.

Asr (steven) listening to the DT770. Philodox's K340 can be seen in the foregrounnd, headphiled'd HF-1 and K701 in the middle.

Jahn (James) with red cap, and lan with new Grado at the jahn tower of power!

Jar with the goatee and new Grado GS-1000. That's me (jjcha, Jason) in the middle. n_maher in the phish shirt, but that's Jaybar (Jay) seated with the sunglasses.

Phew. I'm done. Great photos Ed. I need to learn how you do it sometime.


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Originally Posted by Edwood
I see there were some DT880s there... anyone take the time to listen, and have any impressions? I think though they won't give the best meet impression compared to many other models, due to various subtleties.
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Ed you suck. Too many photos. Okay, only ones with guys or gear I haven't identified so far...

Okay. Standing center is Zatara (Jeff - great guy). The guy with the Shure shirt is bozebuttons (Tom), and that's immtbiker (aaron) is seated with the HE90 on.

Neilpeart (Leeav) with Jason (philodox) and Mercuttio (dave) and philodox's awesome K340

Zatara (Jeff) with his rig. Ask him or Jahn about that source sometime.

If you don't know this amp by now, you've missed the best of the show (IMHO).

bozebutton's modded Cary 300SEI. In some ways, the inspiration for tjkurita's Noise Duality.

ES-1. Yes, this is the best I've ever heard the HE90 or Omega 2.

Rudi Egmont. I wish I had time to listen to this. That's a DT770 to the left. No the Egmont can't drive it.

BrianS with new Grado with flats. Can I say this has MASSIVE BASS?? I want one.
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I'm gonna take a guess and say that must be Ray Samules' wife. Ray wasn't kidding, she's a knockout for her age.
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My thoughts on the power of self-organizing communities and my take on the meet

My 10 cents

First off, I’d like to personally thank Immtbiker for organizing the first annual national meet. Of course, I also want to thank Jude for creating the space for head-fi to self-organize. But really -- I want to extend my gratitude and dedicate this post to EVERY single member of head-fi. As a collective whole, you have the presence and ability to effect markets and to make history. And that’s pretty ****in cool.

This weekend was quite magical for me and I find myself in awe of the world in which we live -- a place where individuals from around the world can be united through similar thoughts and passions. Anyway, I was just hoping to provide my thoughts on this weekend’s event from the perspective of a headphone manufacturing company.

In order for this post to be truly relevant, let me qualify it by telling you all a little something about myself. I’m Mike and I am the marketing director for Ultimate Ears. I love music but do not consider myself an audiophile. I always have music playing but I rarely sit and critically listen to it. Music and my relationship is more like a friendship -- it is always there to keep me company and to share in my triumphs and defeats. Before I started at Ultimate, I had always wanted a set of Grados but never got around to actually buying them. And my first introduction to head-fi originated from a business necessity rather than from the viewpoint of a music lover seeking and/or sharing information.

So when BRBJackson sent me the original national meet thread and asked if we were going, I chose to involve UE for 2 reasons. First, I have now developed quite a fascination with high-end audio equipment and second -- and this was really the more important reason -- it was good business to be there. I knew that I would miss the opportunity to meet with some folks who have never heard the Ultimate gear before. And I knew that other headphone manufacturers would be there. I did not want to get trumped. Now I don’t want to speak for any of my counterparts but I am going to go out on a limb and assume that their rationale was roughly similar. And this is where your true power as a group BEGINS. Just by committing to organize this event, you effectively corralled the world’s leading headphone manufacturers into one small room. OK, look. We all have crossed paths at huge industry tradeshows but this was different. This was a show dedicated to the headphone listening experience and we manufacturers were all there with really no other option but to acknowledge each other’s presence. Basically, you forced us to associate names and faces to entities that we have discussed in vague 3rd party terms in boardroom strategy meetings.

Your collective buying power then got us all to agree to sit on a panel discussion. That was historic. Think about that power for a moment. Now I may be biased because of my involvement in the industry but that panel was the most electrifying thing that I have seen since my employment with UE -- and trust me, I see a lot. My jaw was on the floor during the whole discussion. I found each company’s views and philosophies endlessly fascinating. And I realized just how different we all are as companies, and how those differences are engraved into our patterning as corporate culture. (And on a side note, I found myself to be utterly happy with being employed by Ultimate but not because of any perceived sound quality reasons. Only because I don’t think that I have the personality structure to be successful anywhere else)

So again, from a manufacturers point of view, you first forced/facilitated a true introduction to my peers and then you enabled a situation in which I got to witness each company spokesman as a dynamic, talented, articulate individual. I sat there listening in amazement and all I could think about was that I did not want the night to end -- I wanted to get to know the panel members as people.

And so yeah, I was lucky enough to then participate in some after-hours silliness with members from most of our “competitors.” (That word sounds so limiting now. I only used it in the above paragraphs to convey emotional context.) And again, I do not want to speak for anyone, but I got the sense that the feelings were mutual across the board. I truly think that there was a fundamental reality check/shift for all of us designers. And that in turn will translate to better products, services and educational programs for you -- the end-users. Sort of a giant headphone win all around -- an alliance that focuses on the bigger pictures of promoting how great music should sound and creating healthy listening environments.

So when I thank you all for being part of head-fi, what I am really trying to say is that your participation creates something much larger than you think. Your single voice has power but let that voice echo and amplify with other like-minded people and as I hope I conveyed, there is nothing that you cannot do.

Thank you all for your passion,

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Question about hosting pics...

Anyone mind if I host some of their pics on a personal/not-for-profit basis? Not sure I'll do it, but considering it. If it's NOT OK that I host your pics on a not-for-profit basis (for people to look at, NOT for use on eBay or anything) please Email me and let me know.

I realize others will be hosting them as well, but eventually I'm gonna get some headphone-related personal web pages up and this is a big enough head-fi highlight event that it might be fun to host a few of these to add some pizazz to the site. Thnx!
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ugh Ed. you suck. too many good photos.

Yes, I know I took it upon myself....

Okay, if anyone's wondering

Ray Samuels with Telica, immtbiker's wife and baker of awe inducing, must-eat brownies.

Prototype Meier HeadFive with Leondaro CDP.

Lots of "Original" gear here...

Ray Samuels with (ping?) of AAA Audio, distributor for all the Original gear.

Ray Samuel's wife behind the prototype B-52.

Vic. Ugh. I suck. I'm sorry, I can't remember your head-fi ID.

jpleg (Jimmy) with his JVC woody. I'm guessing it's out of the Original CDP. Ask Jimmy about the origins of that woody some time.

Too tired. Must sleep.


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Originally Posted by jjcha
Ugh. I suck. I'm sorry, I can't remember your name.
That's Vic. London Head-Fi reprazent!
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Thanks for all the great pics jjcha, mbriant, Asr, Edwood, and Voltron. And thank you stevesurf for providing the webcast. I joined late, but was able to hear the raffle, which sounded like a lot of fun. Congrats to all the winners and thank you to the vendors/manufacturers who donated.

I see Moon Audio and HeadRoom had some balanced AKG k701's on hand. Any impressions using the Balanced Max, Moon Audio/K&K "Luna", RP1000, SDS-XLR, and/or Emmeline II B-52 prototype?

Not like I could afford any of those amps just out of curiousity. I'm assuming since there haven't been opinions offered that they probably don't scale up as well as HD650's and RS-1's?
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Originally Posted by Borat
Thanks for all the great pics jjcha, mbriant, Asr, Edwood, and Voltron. And thank you stevesurf for providing the webcast. I joined late, but was able to hear the raffle, which sounded like a lot of fun. Congrats to all the winners and thank you to the vendors/manufacturers who donated.

I see Moon Audio and HeadRoom had some balanced AKG k701's on hand. Any impressions using the Balanced Max, Moon Audio/K&K "Luna", RP1000, SDS-XLR, and/or Emmeline II B-52 prototype?

Not like I could afford any of those amps just out of curiousity. I'm assuming since there haven't been opinions offered that they probably don't scale up as well as HD650's and RS-1's?
Thanks Brother Borat. Gladly, your K701 assumption is wrong and that was one of the few real impressions I was going to try to make if I ever get around to recalling what happened while I was in that room. The balanced K701s were sitting there at the Headroom table and Tyll suggested I try them on the Balanced Max. When I said I had K701s, he said not like these you don't. They are recabled and balanced with some new and cool Cardas cable and they are obviously well broken in. They were AMAZING. Talk about scaling up! I do think the balanced 650s are great but this change was at least as impressive. HUGE soundstage, separation and clarity, and that Max had the power to drive them to great heights. Loved it. Thanks for reminding me.
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Originally Posted by Voltron

Fishlips just settling in with the SDS-XLR and Mikhail's beautiful balanced R-10s.
That's Fishlips?!?!?!

Augh. Now I really know I suck for not introducing myself to the man in red. Sigh, missed an opportunity meet a great guy and help establish "Team Maine".

Thanks for the ID. Voltron, I'll catch you the next time I'm home in California.


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