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I think that's Jpelg, a really nice guy who kinda looks like the guy from Primus.
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also which pictures have jude and steve guttenberg?
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I merged the threads for convenience.
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to look at the photos is to be envious,
but to be there would surely mean financial ruin!
rejoice that you and your wallet are safe at home.
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Thanks for the pics...there are going to be so many by the end of this

We might see te streetstyles soon

Would be nice to see pics of Hohn Grado, Jude, and other head-fiers.

ANd of course, wish I was there.
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I wish I were there. I was originally signed up, but I had a few things come up this weekend that I couldn't miss. I can't wait for more pictures and impressions!
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This is a little late, but I'd just like to wish all of you guys a spectacular meet.
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Boy does that look like the ultimate Headfi meet or what!!! This is headphone and Head-fi history happening right now. Man best luck and hope everyone enjoys. Hoping all attendees get a chance to listen to that Orpheus. Looking forward to everyone's impressions on all that gear.

MORE PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!
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Waiting on those pics of the Headfive...and preferrably impressions of it with HF-1s.
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What do we want?.... HEADFIVE! when do we want it?..... NOW! ......SI SE PUEDE! (find the headfive i mean).... We shall overcome... (this lack of pictures i mean).
seriously....have fun everyone.
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No pictures makes Hulk angry.
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what is a headfive? do i have to hunt it down? *goes searching*
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We're cramming the wireless so upload speeds are pretty bad...

Leeav (NeilPeart) is wearing the new Shure E500. I think I have to say, everyone is very favoribly impressed with them. I'll need some time with them to compare them with my custom IEM, but just meet impressions they are a very enjoyable, consumer friendly, high-end IEM.


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nice orpheus pic.

Im intrested in more impressions on the zhaolu and other dacs.
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Well worth the wait.
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