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Go ahead fellas - post away.

I wish I was there.
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Originally Posted by LFF
I wish I was there.
Me too!!!, don't forget the pictures
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Grado StreetStyles lurking around anywheres yet?

Last I knew the new Grado Sreet-Stlye phones for ipod-type devices were going to be shown or announced at the meet.

Not sure if thats true or if Grado plans to make some big "apple-style" announcement but let us know (and see) if anyone spots them.
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Grado labs should take there and sell 12 pairs of streetstyle..
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Wish I could be there.

I wonder what the total value of the gear will be like in that room?

Anyway, post nice pics of the can goodness please.
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I'm Here! It's almost on!
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Here we go...

Heh, more to come...


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I can't stress it enough: Pics! Post 'em! I wanna see what I'm missing here on the west coast. I imagine the whole meet is going to be a blast for all attendees...

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Thanks for starting Jason.
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Great stuff Jason! Thanks for posting those pics! We need lan to get a webcast going or something, we need a live video feed!

I definitely want to see some Streetstyle love as soon as possible, so anyone with a camera, if you are reading this, stop what you are doing right now and go search out John and get some shots!
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I'll ditto the pictures of the street styles. Thanks for starting Jason.
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Originally Posted by jjcha
Here we go...

Heh, more to come...



Who is the guy with a jetpack?
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Dial-up friendly pics of (Inter)National Meet.

Looks like it's shaping up to be a great meet.

EDIT: Both Saturday & Sunday meets are now posted.

For Saturday photos, click on link below. Password is " Head-fi "

For Sunday photos, password is " Sunday Meet "

Double click on thumbnail for larger sizes. "Original" is largest size.
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Thanks for the smaller pics for us bums out in the boonies
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whos the person/member at the check in desk?
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