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regarding the my original question with HD580 lacking presense.

well, all i did was i reconnected all components in my system as i was moving things around in my cube. i unplugged all the power and signal cables, and powered up everything. and suddenly things are just drastically different than before. i feel like i was sitting much further front, the bass response is now there. everything. i wouldn't say i am "in" the music, but definitely much closer than before.

perhaps there was a loose connection? perhaps it is saturaday? (and why the heck am i at work? actually, that's coz i have a better sound system at work than at home... ) or it is just the weather? phase of the moon? cleaner power?

i don't know. but i am happy now.
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Man I can also feel the same way. For no reason at all the music can sound so much better...and I can't account it to much except maybe the one time I repositioned so and so, or cleaned out the amp and connectors with pro-gold and electronic cleaner. Or that certain times of the day you just get cleaner power or less interference.

But it is human nature to rationalize the change to something real...however I also know that my car stereo has a digital volume control and I am known to vary my volume of listening for no real reason I can account for either. I can sometimes feel that a volume of 6 is completely fulfilling, and othertimes I need 12.
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I'm glad everything worked out at the end.
Enjoy your new old system!


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sorry for taking over your thread, glad it worked out...I think your hearing changes a lot day to day, sometimes i can't stand a certain pair of headphones, other days i find it produces the most amazing sound in the world

To me, the word "bale" seems to indicate the marbly stuff surrounding the earpiece; since its the same stuff as the headband, it seem logical that headroom would call it all the same stuff... But using it there certainly has little to no effect on the sound, the only place where i could see it making a large effect on the sound would be in the area inside the earpieces, surrounding the driver...

But "bale" just doesn't seem to describe that part... (though i still don't know what it means )
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Ok, guys. To bring all these discussions to an end I wrote to
Sennheiser about this carbon fibre cr%#.
And to make sure I get some kind of authoritative answer I asked their German HQ.

according to them, the mounting of the driver housings are made from plastic that is reinforced with carbon fibre.




Edit: nasty spelling error corrected
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Concerning the differences between the sound of the 580s and the 600s, they are very minimal. I didn't get to compare both side-by-side, but I have heard both and they do sound very similar. The one thing I can say is that the 600s look a hell of a lot nicer than the 580s, but if that's not important to you, then it doesn't really matter. I think I am a little happier with the 600s, but I really think there's not enough of a difference spend the extra money. Maybe get the Clou cables if you want, I think i'm going to get the reds as soon as they're not backordered...
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Others might disagree, but I always find the 580 a little bit harsher in the midrange and more in-your-face.
Sometimes it appears as if I'm hearing resonances of the plastic grill.
That's why I prefer the 600. A hefty price-tag for a marginal difference though...


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my first reccomendation would be to replace the cheap RCA cable. My second reccomendation would be to at least audition the AKG K501. Personally, I like them a lot more than the sennheiser HD580/600; they're clearer, more lively, and more comfortable. No idea how they'll sound with the earmax. Maybe you could buy a pair from headroom and return them if you don't like them.
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He has solved his problem already, Neruda.
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thanks Neruda. yes. the problem was solved, but i am unsure what the cause was.

i just unplugged and plugged all the components back again. and they are still sounding absolutely awesome!!

looks like i won't be getting too much improvement by going from HD580 to HD600, cool. now i won't need to waste a couple hundred bucks. time to erm... buy more CDs?

thanks all for helping me out. you guys are very cool!
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more updates on my whining...

i've been sitting here listening to my setup for nearly 7 hours. changing DAC settings, changing cables, changing equipment placements. etc. etc.

what i have found is that, the only time my setup doesn't sound "right" is when i am playing orchestral music at medium volume. by that i mean around half way on the earmax pro. this is the volume that i usually play at. any louder would disturb my cube neighbors. at this point, i can only hear individual instruments clearly when they are in solo. other times, things are murky, the instruments, esp the bass instruments seems to be hiding behind a curtain. sometimes i can locate them even when i try.

however, if i do turn the volume higher, things are getting much better. it is like the stage curtain was raised, suddenly everything opens up. i can hear all the details and very wide soundstage and definition. really, i can almost pin point where all the instruments are located. and the sound is more opened, i no longer feel like i bought cheap 3rd floor ticket but instead premium orchestral seats right at row 3.

and for those who thinks the hd580 lacks bass, it is not so during my listening at higher volume. sometimes i even feel that there are too much bass. perhaps not as tight and defined as ideal, but it is definitely there.

just that it is pity i can't listen at this volume during normal work hours.
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"and for those who thinks the hd580 lacks bass, it is not so during my listening at higher volume."

I'd say this has something to do with Fletcher-Munson equal loudness curves. At lower volumes, the human hearing is less sensitive to lower and higher frequencies. You always have to crank it up a little to get an subjectively even response throughout the frequencies. This is one reason different headphones need different volume settings in order to sound realistic.

If you had a Beyerdynamic DT 770 or 990 Pro, you would have the full impact of orchsetral bass sounds at moderate listening levels.

And a superior soundstage. And superior musicality. And more emotional involvement.

Well, that's how I hear it.
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