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Personally, I would go with the Clou Blue, since the only difference is one layer of shielding and a fair bit of $$$.
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Another option:

Try Apheared No. 42

Either DIY or DBSE.

will cost less than the Clous and according to jude it gradofies the Senns.
Okay, using this amp might be a bit strange considering the rest of your rig, but it may serve well in delivering some more excitement from time to time.


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The HD 600 sound even leaner than the HD 580, with less bass extension and impact, but a tad more and less controlled upper bass.
I don't agree with this assessment. Having owned both the 580s and 600s, I would never describe the 600 as "leaner" or having "less bass extension and impact" -- I actually had the opposite impression.

As for jmpsmash, another thing to keep in mind in terms of your setup is that the EarMax isn't exactly known for it's amazing bass, and the Senn's require a lot of good, solid power for good bass. When I went from an X-CANv2 to a Max, the bass response on the Senns improved dramatically.
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But didn't markl have the Earmax Pro & Senn combination, and wasn't one of the things he was most impressed w/ the bass, or am I just remembering wrong?
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macdef- (or anyone else that has owned the two)

Is there really much of a difference between the sound of your 580 and 600? They seem quite close to me, the only substantial difference i see is the metal vs plastic grills... Headroom claims that the HD600's are made of carbon fiber, but i haven't found anywhere else that mentions this, and it seems like plastic to me...
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As for jmpsmash, another thing to keep in mind in terms of your setup is that the EarMax isn't exactly known for it's amazing bass
I assume that was a typo? The Earmax Pro delivers the best bass I've heard from headphones. Amazing is exactly what it is.
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thomas, there's a slight difference in the highs, where at some moments the 600 can sound more lively and not as dull as the 580. some found the 600 to be too trebbly tho. all up to preference really. but if you don't find the right passage to highlight the difference, they'll probably sound 100% identical.

the 600 is also colder to the touch than the 580 and carbon-fiber usually feels pretty much the same as plastic. the 600 is shiny as well
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yep... i was wondering if the differences are just different between pairs (no two headphones can sound *identical*), or if there was actually a clear difference between all 580s and 600s...

I just find it wierd that headroom says the headband and bales (?) are carbon fiber; the headband is way too flexible to be carbon fiber, and what eactly are bales?? I'm wondering if headroom mistook the shiny marbled plastic for carbon fiber, or if they're referring to the surrounds of the driver? But i'm just suspicious because i've never seen anything about HD-600's and carbon fiber anywhere other than the old headroom site...
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...and what eactly are bales??... -- thomas
I looked in the OED for the word "bale" and found 4 nouns -- none that are headphone, plastic, carbon-fiber, driver, etc. related.

This, IMO, is the closest definition:

1. A large bundle or package of merchandise, originally of more or less rounded shape; now, spec. a package closely pressed, done up in canvas or other wrapping, and tightly corded or hooped with copper or iron, for transportation.
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Wow didn't know the HD600 was colder to touch than the 580...must be because marble has a very low specific heat right?

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Material scientists could probably make the carbon fiber very stiff or very flexible. Same goes with a lot of other materials. Afterall, sometimes you have plastic feeling like glass.
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Isn't the bale the part that's around the driver, or maybe it's the "Y" shaped arm that attaches the driver to the headband?
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Tim, touch the wall in your bathroom, and touch a piece of plastic. see what I mean?
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Audioadvisor also advertises the HD 600 as 'carbon fibre headphones'

The HD600's new carbon fiber housing is an excellent absorber of energy, making sure that nonmusical resonances never reach your ears. While the HD580 uses a plastic earpiece grille, the stainless steel mesh grille of the HD600 makes a quantum leap in transparency.
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just went to the Sennheiser homepage, they mentioned nothing about carbon fiber on the HD600 at all. the only that was said was: "Sophisticated design, elegantly finished in black and grey"

btw, they still have the picture of the Orpheus on the site, but the model has been removed from the list...... ah... the Orpheus....

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