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Hi Leonid05,

are you sure those are real 6922EHs? I just can't believe that they are microphonic, I have tested lots of them and this was an only type of tube which is never microphonic. You can really tap the tube and won't hear a thing. So maybe your 6922EHs are actually some other re-brands, I don't know... Are the tubes big? The original 6922EH are noticeable bigger than any other 6922s and have a kind of 'flying saucer' as a getter. But maybe you've just had bad once, who knows. This doesn't change the fact that 6922EHs and 6922EH Gold are basically the same tube.

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if you still want to play a bit with different tubes, I can warmly recommend some NOS Philips pcc88 (from the 60th, made in Holland). They are almost always available on German ebay and are very inexpensive. The heater voltage for them should be about 1 Volt above that of ecc88, but they work perfectly in my set-up (designed for ecc88) and sound exactly as the Bugle Boys of the same decade. They all have been made in the same Amperex plant in Heerlen.

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Hi Alex!

(Replied to your PM, btw.)

Yep, it were usual 6922-tubes, EH without goldpins.
They were the stock tubes in my Cayin-Player.
Read the german thread in the link I gave you in the PM, you might understand as for how and why the EHs were microphonic.

Besides, I`d never claim that "tube xyz is never microphonic"...

Thanks for the recommodation of the Philips-NOS-tubes.
Like I wrote earlier, I have currently the Philips-JAN-NOS running in my Player, and while I found them a bit "sterile" in the beginning, they`re developing, as I have to admit.
A bit more patience, and they could end up being extremely good tubes!

Besides them, I`m awaiting a pair of NOS-Siemens and Amperex, and that should do it for a while.
I`m planning to use the Siemens for the Player (if they`re better than the Philips, which is getting harder and harder...), and the Amperex for the Rudistor RP5.1 Amp that will arrive next week.
The Rudi-Amp will most likely have EHs too, and of course I`ll try them first for a while.

I`m not saying that EHs are bad tubes, just that I obviously had bad luck with them.

And as for EH and EHgold being identical, I have no idea.
I trust you on that.

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EH Gold pins. Inexpensive.
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I went through that thread which you've sent to me, and I tend to believe that the issue which you have with your tubes might be not the microphony but of some other nature. The easiest way to determine whether the tubes are really microphonic is to gently tap with the fingernail on the glass of the tube. If you hear the distinct 'ringing' sound, then the tube is microphonic. If not - then that's something different.
Want to warn you, Amperex tubes usually do have some microphony in them, to a larger or lesser extent, but usually it's not something to worry about. I had some (very bad) exceptions though. With those, I could hear even if I gently touched the Amp, not the tubes. The tubes themselves were as sensitive as a phono cartrige. I bet I could glue a needle to those tubes and play some LPs with them

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