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Originally Posted by SpringBiscuit View Post

whoever is looking a for cable upgrade for DR150, here is an impressive for a good cable =D


/S : Sorry for my bad english.
Hey i remember you from the Audiophile section in lowyat.net.

Yes the replacement cable is very very good. The veiled and dark signature is now gone, and the headphones are easier to drive as well. However, a good amp will really make these things shine. With the vero cables they now sound very hi fi.
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I don't see how it is physically possible for a cable to make a headphone easier to drive. Ooops, I forgot I was posting on head-fi.

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Originally Posted by sinnottj View Post

Heh, no, I'm actually from the UK smile.gif


I've cleaned my pads before with mild handwash detergent and warm water and it worked OK. I wouldn't stick them in the washing machine though!


After a bit of research, I think the Shure 940 and the Senn 555/595 pads might fit the DR150s, so i think I'll try the Senn pads as they are cheaper and designed for an open back headphone.


So..tell us more! I just bought a pair of dr150 in a local store, i simply love them! it would be really nice to know i will be able to replace the pads in the future!


Senn or Shure? what did you buy? did they fit?


thanks and sorry for my bad english :D

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I'm gonna post a for sale add, what is the going price for a slightly used Goldring DR150?

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Originally Posted by sciamp View Post


So..tell us more! I just bought a pair of dr150 in a local store, i simply love them! it would be really nice to know i will be able to replace the pads in the future!


Senn or Shure? what did you buy? did they fit?


thanks and sorry for my bad english :D

It's not a great story I'm afraid smile.gif


I bought some Sennheiser pads in the end and, while they are almost the perfect size, they have a plastic ring attached to the back and so it is impossible to fit them onto the DR150s!


I haven't tried the Shure pads yet, so can't say for certain if they will fit.  However, they will fit onto a pair of Fischer Audio FA-003s and the FA-003 pads fit onto the Goldrings, so I think it's reasonably likely the Shure pads will fit the Goldrings as well ...

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Sad to say, but I think Goldring may have bowed out of the headphone game.

Their UK website no longer has a headphone section. You can still get to individual products via Google but I think they're just vestigial pages that haven't been culled yet.

At the moment I can't see any new DR50s, DR100s or DR150s in the UK. The Superfi webiste lists them as discontinued.

The NS1000 noise cancelling headphones are still available in the UK but they are made by Phitek not Goldring. Perhaps we'll see them a while longer but it wouldn't surprise me if they're just getting old stock.

It's a shame if it really is the end. All these headphones were some of the best I've heard for the money. My DR150s and NS1000s are still going strong. At one point the DR50s were going online for £10 new and the DR150s for £30 new, which probably makes them jointly the best value for money headphones I've ever owned.
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My DR150 is going well, but the plasticky build is taking its toll on the body. A lot of micro cracks has appeared on the slider for the size adjustment. I guess I have to kiss them resale value goodbye and keep them until they're broken or snapped.

I don't even want to wear them fearing they might snap off or worsen the cracks.

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My dr150 is still going very strong, with the build keeping up surprisingly well. It is a shame they are not very popular and being discontinued. They are the best 100 bucks I spent on audio gears ever and competes/ beats iems 2-3 times its price. Truly fantastic.

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I just ordered the DR150's from Jaben Australia's website for $50AUD (free shipping within Aus).


So if there's anyone still looking for these cans, jump over there and snap them up while they're still available!




Also of interest, although I haven't researched them so I'm unsure as to how good they are, the NS1500 noise cancelling models are on 'special' for $150.



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It's unfortunate the DR150 were discontinued. The margins and volumes must have been too low for Goldring. These were really uniquely good value for money headphones.  Looks like they are still available in Australia for 50 AUD which is a steal for anybody over there!  Still among the best headphones I have heard up to 100 EUR+. 

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I have a pair for sale if anyone wants one!

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I just recently cleaned up all the sticky tape on the baffles and replaced it with the smallest little tabs of masking tape, and wow these headphones really are something special!
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You should try the ns1000 if you ever see them cheap they have all the stuff I love about the dr150's but even better more punch and clarity.

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Jaben Audio Australia has these on sale atm for $50 AUD. I decided to pick up a pair to gain the experience.

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Just reporting in to say my DR-150 arrived some days ago.

There was an issue with my first pair, something was going a miss when reaching for deep sub-bass frequencies, a resonance going through them, it would make vocals vibrate and sound like the bass note collapsed under SPL pressure, it was ok at lower volumes though after reaching a certain level was an obvious problem. I don't know which side driver as it appeared to come from both sides using a balance switch.

After testing further I just bought another pair straight away before sending the others back to Jaben. :biggrin: 

Apart from this small problem I absolutely admire the value this headphone offers. From the comfort, build, appearance, ability to wear while laying down, soundstage, detail, tone, imaging, I don't think I need to say anything more that's already said about Goldring DR-150. I absolutely love them so much rather than get a refund on the faulty pair I'm having them replaced with a second unit as I don't know how easy these are to find anymore. For the $50 'shipped express' I picked mine up I simply couldn't give up getting another set. I would have paid double easy and still be chuffed.

I'm running mine with DX50 / JDS C421, and couldn't be happier at the moment.

Thanks for everyone who contributed to the thread, if it wasn't for this thread and you guys I wouldn't have taken a chance. 



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