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I'm about to rewire my DT880 and found something odd, some differences and some of them big once =/



I don't have that net and ring around the drivers.


I only have two pins on both driver and some metal plate to connect the left driver with the right.

The pins and the plate dont worry me but that missing part is odd and a little worrying.





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Are those vintage DT880s?

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Originally Posted by apatN View Post

Are those vintage DT880s?

Not that i know of?

They are about 3 years old.

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Originally Posted by apatN View Post

Are those vintage DT880s?

Don't think so?

I bought them February 2007

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Weird. I ask because I have never seen that before. You might want to start a new thread to get some more attention to this. I am sure more people are interested in this.


Beyers usually have a cable with three wires and not four. The drivers also look different. All the drivers that I have seen have three platforms and not two.

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Well it seems like I'm f****d anyway.

Did some soldering and the contact got too hot and melted a small part of the plastic around the driver so now it wont get contact unless I move the cable around a little =(


They worked well for a while but now... *cries*

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Uh-oh... Perhaps you can use some glue to hold it all in place. Still, consider making a new thread here. I know more people want to know what drivers they are (I sure want to).

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So, my drivers (or one of them) wont work as mention above.

I'm thinking of buying a new (used) pair on ebay or somewere and only use the drivers.

Is it the same drivers in 770 or some other model, think I've read it someware?

Don't want to pay almost DT880 full price when all i need is the drivers.


Have any ides/suggestions.. anyone?

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I could be completely wrong here, but I thought I had read elsewhere that the drivers in the DT770  and the DT990  are the same but that the DT880  are different (I am talking about the premium version - but maybe it is the same between the pro versions)...

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Forgot to mention - instead of buying another set why not contact your Beyerdynamic distributor and see if they will get you the spare part.  Certainly getting spare for the pro versions isn't an issue 9at least no in the UK)

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I have question. I recabled my DT880 with Mogami. Single entry - like original. Now I want to recable them double entry. But how? Can someone explain? Or show in pictures? Or write a guide. How to connect. 


I will use Mogami or Canare cable...

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Just IMO but I preferred single-entry for my DT880 Mogami 2983 recable: http://www.head-fi.org/t/514509/need-help-in-choosing-cable-sleeve-for-modding-d2000#post_7097550

Don't have a pic but used a nice small black stress relief to properly fit the Mogami in the (modified?) original entry hole. 

Again IMO 2983 is enough of an improvement over stock & light enough not to notice (e.g. that one side is slightly heavier than the other).


Clearly if you do the dual entry you'll be drilling a hole in the other side & doing something about stress relief & don't think there's much more to say. 

Unless someone wants to show (off:) how they happened to do it.

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But I still want to recable it dual-entry... For fun. And I  prefer dual entry.

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Guys I REALLY need help! How to connect for dual entry...

I draw one picutre... Do not laugh. Is this ok? Should I connect this way? I will use y-splitter... So on right side two wires straight to plug?



Thank you.

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You are going to connect the signal wires to the left channel on the plug and ground to the right channel. Not quite right. If the driver on the left is left channel, then its red (signal I presume?) wire connects to the smallest tab (left channel) and the blue ground goes to the largest (ground). Then the signal wire for the right side goes to the second smallest tab (right channel) and the ground goes to the largest tab as well.
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