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Thanks for the write-up!
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^ Ding ding ding!
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interesting.. thanks for the bump!

does anyone know what kind of cable the stock one is?

my dt880 would probably love some thick copper..
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I'm inclined to say the copper on stock headphone cables are as thick as a strand of hair or two/three.
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Bringing back an old thread!
So I recabled my 880's with mogami cable and canare connector, like the OP but did dual entry, and I am a happy camper. I highly suggest this mod for anyone who has ANY beyer phone be it 770 880 or 990. Its just a real shame that beyer, for a company making a good, medium tier, phone to skimp so much on the cable. After taking apart the phones and checking out the wire, it appears to be shielded with the lacquer used on bell wire, so each set of wires are barely insulated, and forget about shielding.

Now the soundstage has opened up quite a bit and I feel like the entire bottom end on the frequency range has improved, opened up. Highs seem less jarring, sibliant, even at pretty high volumes. I started this mod not really thinking too much of it, as I generally don't subscribe to changing cables making too much difference, I use ofc 12g in my speaker setup to be safe, but nothing too fancy. I felt the mogami was reasonably priced ofc, and seemed much better than the crap beyer gave us.

So for 12 bucks worth of cable I got me quite an upgrade. One more note: it seems that the phones now can handle more volume with ease, as before the recable, using my ZVM headphone out, the highs used to be pretty harsh, leading me to want to turn down the music, now I just want to rock out cuz the beyers sing with more juice. Highly recommended, thanks Jam Master.

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A worthy post for thread bumping.
I plan on recabling mine with the same Mogami you used and also dual entry. Did you run into certain problems?
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No real problem, I found that I had to be extremely careful with the drivers because under the soldering contact I saw that the voice coil wires were soldered in place as well, these wires I kid you not are as thin as lint. So fine I had to strain a bit to see it.

I used standard silver bearing solder from rat shack, and did some quick solders with a 25 watt soldering iron to prevent messing up the voice coil solder joints. I've got experience with soldering and I recommend using flux for all surfaces. It makes soldering new and old surfaces soooo much easier. Oh and dont go for rosin core solder. That crap just burns. Get a separate flux from your local electronic supply co.

Also drilling the hole for the entry of the second cable was nerve wracking. I also had to plug up the previous, right headphone wire holes with silicone to prevent too much sound leakage. All in all, it worked out well for my first recable. Thanks to all the help here, I was prepared even before I started.
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I would like to recable my DT-880 (250 ohms), replacing its single ended jack cable by 2 XLR cables, so I can plug it on a fully balanced amp.
Would something have to be changed in the procedures above? Especially for connecting the correct pins?
Sorry if it's obvious, I've never done this kind of thing (DIY).
Thanks for your help!
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here's my finished dt990 re-cable. I also went with dual entry and love the balance it brings to wearing. used a g&h bigfoot plug from parts express and canare mini star quad in red. hard to tell in the pics, but you see just a hint of the red underneath the yellow techflex.

at the y-junction i just ran a single layer of shrink tube up to the cans and then placed several layers of shrink tube as stress relief on the ear pieces. inside the cup i hot glued the snot out of the holes for additional support and then a small layer over the top holes for the old wire to the right cup.

total time was about an hour and now i have about 15ft of working room
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That looks amazing! Great work thaddeussmith!
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thanks! most nerve wrecking part was when i connected the new leads. this was my first re-cable and i read a ton of posts about ruining the miniscule driver leads.

all in all, it turned out like i had hoped.
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Just re-resurrecting a great thread!

I love the idea of doing this to my DT880s, especially like the mogami cable look - brilliant effort!

Alas my soldering skills are non-existent and I am not going to start on something as expensive and dear to me as my DT880s - does anyone know of a company or (very) reputable/ skilled individual who could do this for me?

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^ S2 audio. Contact Warrior05 here on head-fi. He can help you.
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Thanks for all the tips.

I was recently forced into recabling my dt990 Pro.(naughty cat found a new chew toy)
But instead of recabling the whole thing, I'm planning on replacing the cable between the earcups. But I don't know where I can buy a replacement cable with the same diameter.

I was hoping someone here would know.
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Would you guys recommend Mogami or the Canare for rewiring the 880s? My cable is coming loose so I need to recable anyways, but can't decide if one is better than the other.

Also, what size of techflex or other nylon sheathing would you use; 1/4"?
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