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JimP - those are gorgeous. Congrats on some beautiful headphones - I wager they sound as good as they look, too.
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HF-1 #105 is now mine. d(^_^)b
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#377 sold to jarman.
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I got #450 from ebay seller. (lconeal4plm) = Head-fi member: (Tuberoller)

#450 (*ChefMedeski never received, returned to TTVJ) -------> Tuberoller -------> Supakij
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Which one was the stoled?

Please tell me the serial
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Got #382
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Yeah ! my name is on the list.

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A new-in-box pair of HF-1's #45 is now myne. I am the first and only owner. But wait, there's more!
They are also:
HHF-1 Elite with fiddle-back Flame Koa wide-tops, stealth screens, wood accoutrement's, rod locks, Grado leather headband and 2m of BlackGold custom cable from Larry @ Headphile!

I bet you folks want pics, right?
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And now for something completely diff'rent! Note the still sealed box!

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They look different in every pic! But the real joy is in person, the "flame" property of the wood is so psychedelic! At different angles it appears to have one pattern and then another. It's like looking at a piece of opal or labradorite, or a very dark piece of rutilated quartz.
And the sound! WoW! The real test out of the gate for me was listening to Miles Davis...at The Night Hawk set, specificly Friday night third set. Sometimes Miles' harmon mute can be a little too bright. I would always have to turn the volume down and then turn it back up when Hank Mobley and Wynton Kelly, respectively, would come in. Without using all the colorful terms, I would just say that these cans sound plush, like going from sitting in the stiff brown fold-out metal chair that you bring out when there aren't enough seats at Thanxgiving to sitting in the patent leather glider recliner your buddy bought with ill gotten cash and then used your name to fill out the warrenty card!
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Those are mighty beautiful cans. Best grain pattern I ever saw on a pair of HHF-1 !!!
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