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AKG K701 User Guide blog

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New to the AKG K701? Having problems? Curious?

This plog may have some interesting information for 701 users, including info on break-in, amps, links, and comparisons with some other headphones. Several have found it useful. (No association with AKG Acoustics.)

You can click the link below. Happy listening!
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Nice 701 blog.

I'm not sure that the 701 should be considered a high impendence headphone. It's about 60 ohms, right? Certainly more than Grados, Sony CD3000, and I guess the new Beyers, but other headphones are 300 (Senns) and 250 (older Beyers). 60 ohms kind of seems middle of the pack.
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Sweet! I loved your UM2 guide, it was very imformative and useful. I think that the AKG K701 guide seems more refined than the UM2 guide! Well done! Now it just makes me want an AKG K701 which I can't afford...
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Great read Spinali. My K701s are probably at the 50-60 hour mark; it should be interesting to hear how they progress up until the big 500
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