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Originally Posted by AlienPyro
Thanks Asr and Hfat.

Could someone who's used the DT 250-250s or 250-80 please speak up? These headphones have fairly positive reviews, but are rarely mentioned here.
The DT 250-250 is a bit harder to drive but sounds -- albeit very similar in tone as the model numbers would suggest -- noticeably better than the DT 250-80: Better extension in treble and bass, more transparent, slightly better soundstage, more linear bass response. Both are rather hard to drive so if the player's headphone out is weak, you'd need an amp regardless of which of these Beyers you want to use. Therefore between these two, I would clearly choose the DT 250-250. The only point in favour of the DT 250-80 is that due to its bass hum and the less transparent and henceforth slightly more brute sound, it might be perceived as more "fun sounding". I don't see it that way but ymmv.
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Hi appar111:
I have been using the DT 250-250 and I found that they sound really good with a $60 PA2v2, they sound less ideal with my Go-Vibe v3. I just tried out my experimental bedside rig: D465 and PA2v2 and a DT 250-250. It sounds pretty darn good to me. But that's all IMHO and YMMV
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bump to add that the dt250-250 are great cans! I haven't updated my profile but if you look at whats there I just want to say that the dt250-250 is my overall favorite among everything you see there.

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Until now I am still enjoying the dt250-250. The longest time I have ever kept a single headphone since 2004

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The original post in this thread is somewhat amusing in light of the recent discussions on the price of the K 501 over at the K 501 love thread.

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