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The Last of the Qualias

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omg, if that were a chick, i'd hit that.

i saw those in a sony store while i was in tokyo and tried them on w/o even knowing what they were or how expensive they were! (this was before i heard of head-fi) i'd love to see them one more time before i die... just once. <=(kinda creepy, eh?) i hope you like them you lucky sonofab*tch.
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Congratulations. You can rest assured that you will be the envy of mere infidels with sub-100 posts like me
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you're a luck guy

I envy you
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The last?
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I love the F1 replica you have next to the Qualia's.

Not to go OT but I wish Schuey would get on a damn podium already.
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I'm not a Ferrari fan My brother got that for my birthday, but I gotta admit that it's the most beautiful car in F1 (IMO).
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Me neither. I'm BAR Honda all the way.

I just wish Schuey would be get back to his old self again so the races would get interesting. It's ironic that a few years ago I couldn't stand seeing him win every race and now that's all I'm hoping for. I want to see someone give Alonso a challenge besides Kimi.
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Beautiful. I envy you too! One thing I'm unhappy about is its lack of a proper storage case. You would expect something that expensive to come in more expensive packaging too!
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Be very careful with your new phones, the headband is pretty fragile and Sony charges a ton ($500 i think) to replace it.
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congrats on the 010's. so have you had any problems with fit and sound since they weren't custom fitted at the qualia store?
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Incredibly jealous and/or envious

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where did you buy that?
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Dude! that's a beautiful set of cans, congrad.
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Are you the only person in BC to have one? Also, does anyone around here have pics of the blue version? I've never seen one.
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