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KSC-35s in Canada?

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Thanks to the helpful responses from the people who responded to my earlier post, I've decided to buy a pair of KSC-35s. My only problem is that I live in Canada (Ottawa to be precise). I don't want to order them over the Internet unless I have to, because of the S&H and taxes, especially from the US to Canada. Does anyone know a store where I would be able to buy these headphones? An online store might be acceptable if it's Canadian and doesn't charge much for shipping. Or else I'll have to buy from Headroom and pay those extra fees.

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I wasn't able to find them in Canada.
I did however find the ksc-50 (which are the ksc-35's successors)
at Canadian Tire for 34.95 yesterday
(just look around, the forums are full of my posts about these )

General consensus is that the 35's sound slightly better than the 50's and fit better, too


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