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HF-1 Problem?

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I got my HF-1s yesterday and today after trying to adjust them I noticed that the left side is really hard to move. The right side slided up and down pretty easily but the left one almost seems like it's stuck, it'll move if you pull really har but I'm afraid I might damage them. Is this normal?

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My SR225 move with the slightest resistance so that they can be adjusted and then stay in place. It sounds like it is way too tight on the right, if it is really bothersome I would send it back to Grado for repair. It wouldn’t hurt to ask, if they would cover your shipping expense because this isn’t your fault. You should first contact Todd.
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I'd recommend working the slide up and down for a bit. My personal preference in this would be to have lots of friction, instead of having little friction.
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Mine were pretty sticky when I first got em, now they move smoothly. I never had to push that hard, though.
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Hmm, I can't really work the slide up and down since it requires so much effort to move them at all, I think I'm pretty strong so this can't be normal can it?
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If the HF-1 is not working properly, please give me a call and we can arrange to get it fixed for you so you can use it.

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Just a follow up, the HF-1 is now fine the left side is still a bit tighter than the right but it's getting better as each days goes by. Thanks Todd, they just needed to be worn!
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