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i never received my headfive no 9.. so Jan has kindly sent me a replacement unit. no idea what serial number it will be, just hope the second one reaches me safely
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#180 here, first listen is today!:
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Just received #251, listening as we speak!
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Please remove me from this list. I decided to cancel my order for a headfive. Might pick one up use, or might get a new one come christmas if they're still around.
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I have #196
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#246 arrived yesterday
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212 is right in front of me.
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still waiting for no9 / replacement headfive, whichever comes first.. sigh.. seem slike everyone is receiving theirs except me..
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yay received my amp.. both of them!

story: since i hadnt received the first amp in over 5 weeks, Dr Jan kindly offered to send me a replacement unit free of charge (sent last Monday). came home this afternoon and found two boxes on my doorstep, both from Jan Meier. took my chances and opened the first box, yay serial number 9 which i asked for.

so now i have two headfives.. have emailed Jan and asked him whether he would agree to the following: rather than send the replacement headfive back to him, i'll put it up for sale in my local Singapore headphones forum www.sgheadphones.net and whoever buys it, will bank in the money to Jan Meier's account.

guess it'll work to everyone's advantage.. Jan's money for shipping the second amp wont go wasted, i'll save on shipping back the amp to Germany, and someone in singapore will benefit from Jan's workmanship..

i'm just happy i got my headfive No 9. it was sent 20th June, and its taken 41 days to get here. have no idea what was holding it up, and suddenly two amps land on my doorstep.

*edit* just received an automated email saying Meier audio is closed for a few days?! will wait for Jan's response to my suggestion before i proceed any further. til then, the second headfive is still in its delivery box, unopened. i have no idea what serial number it is.
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I have #259
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I just got #61:580 smile:
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#229's mine!
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Head Five

My #140 has been cranking faithfully at my office for about a month now. Great value.
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update: #12 passed on to DRSpeed85
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happy owner of #274
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