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Originally Posted by Mikey01
listen to the EC2A3 for an hour.
Mikey, I’ve just run an extensive cost/benefit analysis and one hour a week just isn't financial feasible nor is it good for you or the amp to bond properly. Additionally, that beautiful amp needs a proper home in which it will receive a daily dose of adoration, it deserves better than just an hour a week. At one time that amp was your favorite now it's just a second class citizen, giving you a Saturday afternoon warm-up job. What do you think that has done to its psyche?

I can vouch for Mike in that he is sincere and would give the EC2A3 a good home, but then again he sold it down the river so he might do it again. Give it to me and I'll find a proper home for it so that it can receive the proper love and attention it so desperately needs and deserves

Originally Posted by kentamcolin
I just took delivery of my Si2A3/45 and it's amazing.
Ken, have you shared/posted any pics of your Si2A3/45? Cause I am probably not the only one that would really like to see it.