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Bowl pads... do they fit you?

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Ok, I'll admit it, I'm more of a flats man... thats what I was rised on during my time with the SR-225's, that yummy midrange without a hint of brightness and some pounding bass.

Then The RS-1's arrive with bowls... I listened...

I didn't like it; at all.

I was very disappionted in the RS-1's the first time I heard them, but with flats all was forgiven and I fell in love. Fast forward to the last few weeks, occasionally I've been trying the bowls: More air, soundstage, treble shimmer *check!*

But at the cost of (to me) less mids, less bass and dare I say it... less fun?

I was wondering whether the fact that I have small ears plays a part in the things I hear from the bowls... they basically fit inside the bowls and touch the drivers. Does anyone else feel like their ears don't fit the bowls or is it just me?
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I prefer bowls on mine. My ears dont touch the drivers. The bowls rest on the top edge of my ears. Sometimes I accidently bump them and the slide so that my ears DO touch the drivers and it sounds funny.

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If anything, you should be getting pounding bass from the bowls with small ears! Your ears are ideal for them. Keep those bowls on there, and listen to that Grado bliss, as it was ment to be!
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I only use flats when I want something really bassy. Bowls fit my ears (they rest on the edges) pretty well. If they're not adjusted properly though, part of my ear rubs into the driver and can become somewhat sore.
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Reverse bowls are nice on the RS-1.If you can handle the high's that it gives out they sound wonderfull.
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I use bowls on my HF-1 and find that they fit pretty comfortably. As is the case with Kramer they rest on the top of my ear and if I press them down (in towards my skull) then my ears will touch the drivers.
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I was all big on flats for awhile. After a long time without, I found my lost bowls, and that was the end of the story. Bowls fit on the edge of my ears, so that might be why. But the soundstage and sparkling highs are too much to give up. The midrange is lush and the bass is accentuated unnaturally. I hear a lot of complaining about a lack of bass with bowls. I never feel like it's missing.

I still like the flats for overly bright recordings or for something different.
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On my HF-1s it's stock bowls for me. They fit my ears just about right, just need to position them in a way that would get the best sound out of them.
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be sure to burn thos 's1's in real well!
also as time, sweat, and oils from your gross ears break the fibers down it is an investment in time made with the bowls, as they sound better with breaking in...try washing them with some shampoo, aveda works smalls great, non abrasive to the pads, also helps break them down/sound bet's.
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My bowls were super uncomfy until I added a bit of RS padding in front of the driver as they sit kinda half on my ear and half off. Only on the left of course since that one sticks out farther The pads have gotten better with age too, less scratchy and maybe a little softer.
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Originally Posted by Icehawk
The pads have gotten better with age too, less scratchy and maybe a little softer.
Yep I agree. If you put tape around the bowls they get bassier also, I got electric tape on mine and they dont look to bad.
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I find the flats to be a bit congested in the midrange and bloomy in the bass.. even with the HP-2 (yes, sacrilege, so burn me).

The bowls get better after they break in and soften up, which will result in a better seal (for bass) and slightly closer placement to the ear should give a bit more midrange impact. Just stick em in your back pockets for a few days and they'll be 100% broken in.
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It took a couple weeks for me to get comfortable with the bowls.
Constant adjustment and sore ears. After I found the sweet spot for the sound, the comfort comes along a little later.

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What is the definition of "bowls fitting one's ears'? I probably have small ears as they are always touching the drivers when listening with bowls.

Regardless, despite bowls having a seemingly more airy, energetic sound, I can never stand the piercing highs/bright treble. With the MS-2, flats give a more natural/correct balance; bowls make them sound like cheap/lousy phones. No offence to bowls fans.

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Yep, no discomfort at all once I adjusted the headband by bending it to the right width. Taped bowls for life.
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