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Questions (Team Cheapie-Koss...?)

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Somebody please post a comparison of the KSC-50 vs the Sporta Pros AFTER the RS pad mod. Include Pros and Cons of each. An opinion of which is better would also be welcome.

Also, please post some detailed instructions on how to replace the stock Sporta Pro Pads with the RS Pads since I am thinking of getting them in a few hours.


NOTE: There is an identical thread of this on the headwize review forums, you can post at either place, or both if you have the strange motivation to do such things . I am posting here too, just in case so it can reach a maximum number of people.
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I don't really know anything about the mod, but I'll try to help you anyway.

How many posts did you write about this sporta/ksc-50 mod ?

Friend, it's only 15 bucks, that's all. get yourself a pair of ksc-50 and you'll be able to make your own comparisons, mods, whatever.
It's really not worth talking about for hours and hours...

Just my very personal opinion


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well, the thing is, i would have to go ~30mi to the nearest circuit city or rat shack to pick them up. so i want to make sure my trip will be worthwhile .

EDIT: and 15 bucks for me is not particularily cheap for me, considering that i am only 14 and make $10 a week . I would rather pick up a new CD then get a pair of headphones i will never use again .
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then buy the RS pads for 2 bucks
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Take the familiy, have fun at circuit city!

No, honestly - you've spent more than 5 hours already figuring this out - and you still haven't got your answers...

just get yourself another pair, and the worst thing that can happen is that you have two pairs of cans. You wouldn't be the only one...

If you really wanna know it, here's a link to a link to some japanese whackos that destroy portapros for fun - well they turn portapros into ksc-35s (go figure)

I guess you could do the same with your sportas if you really don't like the sound


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thanks thomas i think i will.

could you post some directions on how to swap the old pads for the RS ones? some tips on how to make them sound "better" would also be appreciated.
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oh yes, i have already seen that japanese website redwood . but who in their right mind would want to destroy a pair of $50 dollar headphones to create a new pair of phones identical to what you could buy for half the price ?
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Don't know... people that have too much money?

My explanation is that you probably cannot buy KSC-35s in Japan, and that's why they do this.

But in your case things are different. You would add value by doing this mod (which I am NOT recommending, but still )

Yeah, if you're on a budget, try the RS mod and see if you like it. At the end it's your ears anyway.


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