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Bought a GoVibe V6 and a mini to mini cable from him. Fast and smooth transaction he shipped it within a day of the payment. Great guy to do business with! Highly recommended!
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I bought Grado GS1000 headphones from Blackmore. He is a very friendly person and pleasure to deal with. He answered all my questions promptly and in a patient manner. He sent the package the day the payment arrived.
Everything went smoothly.

Originally Posted by onocentaur View Post
This is what trading on Head-fi should be like Would definitely do business with him again!
I totally agree here with onocentaur.

Thank you Blackmore!!!
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Bought some tubes from Blackmore. Very smooth sale.
Tubes where carefully packed and shipped with tracking number.
Pleasure to deal with!
Would buy again from him.
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I sold him my Zana Deux. He is SUPER buyer. Very communicative, with fast payment and interested in making the deal. It is pleasure to make bussiness with such person. Thank you Sergei.
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I bought Sergei's GoVibe V7 in a sweet and perfect transaction. Great comms, very friendly, fast shipping, & amp very well packed. The V7 is in perfect condition, c/w wallwart.

A pleasure trading with Sergei from start to finish - he's an excellent seller and a star!

Many thanks
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Hello folks,

I bought some Brimar tubes from Sergei. His communication was awesome, the tubes came securely packed and shipped quickly. He is truly a pleasure to deal with, thanks Sergei!

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Sergei talked me into modifying his mini-mini cable into an LOD for his iAudio X5L. Though I do not normally do this type of project, I went ahead and successfully provided him with a decent end product. He paid via PayPal quickly and informs me he is quite satisfied with my work. Cheers and enjoy it!
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Sergei bought a pair of Equinox'ed GS1000's from me. Perfectly easy transaction, he's a great guy. You're well advised to do business with him....
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Sergei and I negotiated a trade with his GS1000 and my K1000. It went smoothly and quickly. He was excellent to deal and communicate with. I would not hesitate to deal with him again. Thanks a bunch!!!
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I bought some tubes from Sergei. Smooth Transaction and excellent packing. Thanks.
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Bought a Zana Deux amplifier from Sergei. An easy and pleasant transaction with a first class individual. Great communication and no problems. It arrived promptly and well packaged in 'as new' condition.
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"Blackmore" (Sergei) is a real pleasure to do audio buying with. I purchased a number of tubes from him. He puts a fair price on his equipment and does an excellent job of packing and communicating. Do not worry when buying from "Blackmore". No problems with his sending the tubes from Holland to the USA.
David Pritchard
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Sergei bought some tubes from me. He is a great guy to deal with, and a great guy just to talk with. Highly recommended!
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This time a BOUGHT a set of tubes from Sergei. They were great tubes, and he is great to deal with. One of Head-fi's real class acts!
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I purchased a pair of tubes from Sergei. As outllined, excellent communication (he knows his stuff), both tubes meticulously packaged, shipped and received in short order. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with Sergei again; he has my recommendation.


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