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sell him firestone encore amp
good communication
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Thumbs up for Blackmore!

Sold him some stuff. Our communication was quick and clear and he paid instantly.

Would definitely do business with Blackmore again.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as a very nice and serious buyer!
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Super smooth transaction! Very good communication, and a fine gentleman! Hope you enjoy your new toys, and I hope to do business in the future! Again, thank you.
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I sold him a mini cable. He paid instantly and was a great guy throughout our transactions. I would deal with him again, no worries.

Hope you like the cable mate!
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Very fast payment and communication. Thanks for the purchase!

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Sold Sergei a pair of RS-2`s. He`s a nice and enthusiastic person. Payment was instant. No problems with this guy
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Purchased a pair of Liberators from Sergei. Took four business days to get from the Netherlands to Canada!

Excellent seller, would do business again!
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SR 225

I bought his SR-225 and met him in person. Very nice and very enthusiastic person. Also communication was very fast.
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I purchased a Headphone Amplifier Cute Encore from Blackmore.
Very fast transaction.
I really appreciated dealing with him.
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Sergei esta bueno!

Sergei and I negotiated his purchase of my Granite headphone amp. He is a great guy, no BS, great communications, and HONEST. YOU CAN COUNT ON SERGEI FOR EXCELLENT TRADING/SELLING. Great Headfier; wonderful guy.

Rock on, my friend,

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Sold him a Mullard 12AU7.... perfect transaction. Thanks.
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Bought Cowon iAudio 6 from him.

Flawless transaction and hyper-fast shipping (sent on friday from Holland, received on monday morning in Latvia). Really a serious and patient person. Highly recommended.

Так держать, камрад .
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Blackmore bought a pair of KSC75 from me. Everything went smoothly, would deal with him again. Thanks Sergei.
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I purchased the K340 from Sergei, very friendly and overall a great person to deal with. I highly recommend Sergei to deal with.
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sold him a pair of RS1. overseas yet worry-less.
thanks and enjoy!
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