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Some nice knobs here

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This guy sells some nice knobs by the looks of it.
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I couldn't click on this fast enough....
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Can you guys recommend a nice deep knob to use for my Blue Velvet without trimming the shaft?
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recess the pot. Mount it on an angle bracket inside the case and poke it out through the hole. No trimming necessary.
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Some of the coolest looking knobs you will find are stove knobs and just about all have a long shaft hole.most are huge (great for volume controls ) but smaller are out there if you look hard enough

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BTW-old appliances can be a great source of the "one of" unique knob for audio gear
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Gee PinkFloyd - how did you know this was the last item I needed for my Pimeta? Amazing! Your name is now Karmack.

Rick - great idea, there. I may even head out to Goodwill and do some extra research.
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Here's another source for some beautiful knobs:
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Okay, so I am still trying to find the "right" knob. It's turned into somewheat of an obsession. The really good ones are, alas, not sold in the states, which is a part of my criteria. Anyway, I came across this place and thought I'd dump the address here at head-fi for others to use. I'm gettin close...

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