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The Most Sensual ("Sexual") Song/Music Of All Time?

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I wonder which would be the most
Sensual ("Sexual") song/melody of all time
in Rock, Pop, Classical, Jazz, Country, etc.
This is NOT about vulgarity or profanity,
it's about beautiful lyrics, and proper,
up to the occasion music, etc.
Bad language is excluded, and rap for that matter.

My impromptu list:

1. Je t'aime ( 'I love You' in French, from the 1970s)
2. Gloria (The Doors, 1969?)
3. Bolero (Ravel, classical music composer)
4. Light My fire (The Doors, 1968?)
5. I Want You (Bob Dylan, 196?; this was a big hit back then.)
6. One Night With You (Elvis Presley, based on Italian melody)

I think that #1 is UNbeatable. I don't know who is the female singer,
her sensusal voice, ... Fabulous! You simply think that this beautiful
lady is next to you and you are about to kiss her and more ...
I don't know the author of lyrics or a composer either.
Actually this song was so sensual that it was banned in the USA for many years in 1970s/1980s.

'Gloria' by the Doors is also Fabulous!!!

'Bolero' is incredible, leading to a climax.

See you,



The composer of "Je t'aime ..." is Serge Gainsbourg.
This song is sung by him and Jane Birkin as reported in posts #12 and #24 below.
Here is the video clip: Je t'aime

Marilyn Monroe sings Happy Birthday to John F. Kennedy:Happy Birthday Mr. President
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no doubt "new"
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Originally Posted by AdamCalifornia
'Gloria' by the Doors is also Fabulous!!!
Do you mean the song written by Van Morrison?
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"Smooth Operator" by Sade.
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The wailing lady at the end of side 1 of 'Dark Side of the Moon'.
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There are various ways that a song sould be sensual, e.g. tone of voice, lyrics, tune, theme.

My choice is "Right In Time" by Lucinda Williams from Car Wheels on A Gravel Road because, in part, of the gradual realization of what she is singing about and how you then reinterpret what she has already sung. (Done by professionals on a closed track--don't try this at home ).

If you are not familiar with her work, she is often classified as country but this album transcends genre.
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A few weeks ago I got back in touch with a song that used to drive me crazy (in a good way) back in college:

Never Say Never by Romeo Void
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"J'ai t'aime"

That was the first song I thought of, too. It's actually called Je t'aime, though. It's by Serge Gainsbourg, and the woman is his ditzy English model wife who spoke french with a really strong English accent
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The first song that comes to mind: Let's Get It On, by Marvin Gaye
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Glory Box by Portishead
Stroker Ace by Lovage
Closer by NIN
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They did NOT get it right! Ha, ha, ha, ...

Originally Posted by zotjen
Thanks, but they did NOT get it right, Ha, ha, ha, ...
What I've noticed they have had ONLY Bolero by Ravel from my humble list.
I am oriented mostly on classical rock and classical music.
But anything goes except of rap, of course.
How about AC/DC, Van Hallen, U2, ..?
Also Madonna must have had quite a few. To me she's been very sensual at times.

As I said, 'Gloria' by The Doors is fabulous!

See you,

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Okay, the emphatic word I found was 'sensual'. . . .

I think that the term 'sensuality' implies physical, sexual intimacy but also hightened erotic sensitivity and the thrill/threat of intimacy.

"Let's Get It On" is a monster-classic, but I'm not certain that it's the most 'sensual' song in the world, though it is certainly appropriate (quite intellectual) foreplay to getting it on.

I think Madonna's "Like A Virgin" is a remarkably un-sensual song. It's kindov flirty/jokey/pendantic with its wee pop-sex allusions. Quentin Tarantino's sado-masochistic exigesis of it at the start of Reservoir Dogs is the most 'sensual' take on it I've ever gotten, and that's not a tribute to intimacy or vulnerability.

Kate Bush's "Feel It" is the most sensual song I can think of (from The Kick Inside. It's uncomfortably forward, which makes it challenging and authentic. You wouldn't want to sing this one straight in front of your parents at the karaoke bar, and you might not feel quite right about singing it in front of your partner/spouse -- proof of its quite tantalising sensuality.
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"Protection" by Massive Attack.

Anything off of Elysian Fields' BLEED YOUR CEDAR.

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OK, sorry, I read "sensual", and I think "sexual". Here's some sensual, but not sexual, songs/artists.

Fiona Apple - Never Is A Promise
Diana Krall - Devil May Care (Live)
Explosions In The Sky
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