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true, and on a lot of recordings, the treble is boosted as well...there's too little audiophiles in the world man
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The er4s cable has a pvc insulator which is indeed quite microphonic. However, you more or less learn to live with it and don't notice it that much. Using the shirt clip helps a lot, and some people like to have the cord go over their ears, which just about gets rid of all microphonic sounds. I haven't found that ideal because the cord going over the ear is somewhat irritating because it falls off if you move around too much. However, to solve this, I took a piece of twisty tie (preferably black because it looks really stupid otherwise), about 4.5 inches long and twisted it together with the cord- maybe one twist per inch- with a small hook at both ends to attach it to the driver and cord respectively. I've found that this prevents the cord from falling off my ear because the twisty tie helps it keep the shape better.
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Oh btw, I thought I'd just mention that even though the twisty tie trick seems to work okay, I don't like to use it because it's too much of a hassle to get the phones in my ears that way. I don't care too much about the microphonic sounds, especially if I'm using the shirt clip. But hey, I thought I'd just make the suggestion so you could try it as well and see if it works for you.
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Mor Ety info...

I have minimized the microphonics by clipping the cord to the back of my collar, then running the leads to the phones so that they rest between the sides of my collar and my neck, then loop up to my ears from there. Not much sliding or thumping.

The highs are great. They only sound rolled off after I have been listening to the K-1000s, which are unequalized and have a very flat response. The highs on those sound quite agressive at first.

Get the Etymotics, they are amazing.
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Yup, my Senn. 580s have treble that is much more rolled-off than the Etys. And like others have said, there is currently no substitute for the microphonic cord, though there are things you can do to minimize the effect.
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Brilliant! Your suggestion for clipping to the back of the collar and then looping the Ety wires over the ears is an almost perfect answer for microphonic noises.

I can now wag my head to the music without disturbance. And I was pondering how to put foam insulation over the leads and such. This is so simple and effective.

Thanks so much! You should post this idea as a separate thread both here and at Headwize so that all Ety owners will know about it. I'd do it myself, but you should have the credit.
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