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Jay and I traded daps. My i5 for his x5l + 40$. Since he did not have feedback he was willing to ship first. Jay shipped when he said he was and I recieved the package 3 days after. Great communication and fast shipping, would do business with again!A+++++
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Jay bought my Echo Indigo IO; he was very nice to deal with over IM and prompt in payment and later followup. Highly recommended.
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Picked up the iaudio 5

Quick response! Easy to deal with.

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slag - HD595

Jay was a pleasure to deal with. I am in Canada and there were special shipping instructions. Since I am a newbie and I had no feedback, I sent him the funds first (since Jay had also seemed to have done the same himself in a previous transaction).

Being new at this, despite some initial problems, I finally got the funds to him and we did the entire transaction over emails one evening.

Jay handled everything superbly and he kept me advised through every step. I can only give my highest recommendations to Jay and thank him for the prompt and professional manner in which he handled himself.
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Jay bought my V3 Go-Vibe. I wanted to cross-ship (which I do with members who have A LOT! OF + FEEDBACK), but Jay had little feedback, so I gave him my cell phone number and asked him to call me at a specific time/day so we could get a "feel" for one another - not all of these transactions have to be done via PM's & e-mails - which he did. After feeling pretty good about each other, we did cross-ship (I wanted him to have his new toy before Xmas) and it all worked out great. Oh, and he didn't mind paying with a US Postal Service money order via snail mail - my preferred method. That was cool! Thanks, Jay. I would not hesitate to do business with slag, again!
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I sold Jay my AKG k240S. He paid promptly and very good communication developed. He got back to me immediately, upon their arrival - and also rapidly posted feedback. While a "stern" negotiator, I was very pleasantly surprised with his subsequent gentility. A complex individual that I will happily deal with again. I can also recommend him to all other Head-fiers.
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A fantastic guy to deal with. Every once in a while you get a really good vibe from a polite, attentive seller and that's Slag. Really had a pleasant deal with him and can't recommend him highly enough!
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Bought a pair of K240s from Jay. Headphones arrived promptly in immaculate condition and was very well packed. Communication was also excellent and he updated me with tracking number. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to all head-fier. Thanks !
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I brought his modded SR60s with the copper grills. He shipped them out right away and they came real quick. Jay is a great guy and a real asset to the Head-fi community. If I had to buy something on Head-fi again I would definitely want to deal with someone like him. Great communication and a true gentleman and scholar.
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Portable Rig - RP-15MC, GoVibe V3, etc.

I bought his Equation RP-15MC headphones with custom cables/interconnects, GoVibe V3 and 9V batteries, charger. I received this package within 3 days of transferring the funds via Paypal. Jay is really an asset to the Head-Fi community and I am willing to deal with him again in the future. Thank you for contacting me regarding delivery confirmation, etc.
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I bought a cool little eeePC sub-notebook package from Jay and I have been having a hoot playing around with it. He charged a very reasonable price, and shipped promptly. He maintained wonderful communications throughout the entire transaction. I would definitely do business with him again. An asset to Head-Fi.

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Jay bought a headphone from me, and it was a very good experience from start to finish. He asked good questions, did his research, and then followed through quickly with the sale on the date he promised a decision. I would be more than happy to do more business with with Jay, he's great to deal with and seems like a very nice and honest guy. Highly recommended!
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Bought Jay's Echo Indigo IO. Asked for an alternative shipping price (to Canada) and received a quick response. Shipping was fast and packing excellent (very well padded/taped). He even sent me a message just before it arrived asking if it had arrived yet, to make sure it was alright. Great to deal with, and would repeat. Recommended, without hesitation!
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Bought Jay's PX-100. It came quickly and it smelled nice too

Thanks a lot Jay!
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Bought a D2+ from him at a great price, very accommodating with shipping, packed very well and arrived without issue (To Canada).  Great communication throughout, a pleasure to do business with, and an asset to the Head-Fi community, I can't recommend Jay highly enough


Thanks again

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