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Originally posted by ian
Think about it this way...what kind of girls would sign up for a web dating service? Not the kind I'd want to date, at least.
lol, I was going to say the same.
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I have a friend who met her boyfriend through I've met him and he's a nice guy but he has been bleeding her dry. I mean she is supporting him now and has been for the past year. I told her to dump him but she doesn't listen to me. I guess she likes losers. If the guy was really trying to better himself then I would say he is not so bad but he didn't even try to look for work until she told him to get a job or get out. I've met some women over the net and have to say it just doesn't matter. They are all crazy, period.
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Originally posted by taoster
and what if she has some crazy weird headphone fetish?!
Yeah right, there's probably like 5 of those women worldwide..
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Weird headphone fetish??

I'd be straight out of the door... scarey stuff!!
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Mama always said, "Forest....when you sleep with dogs, you wake up with fleas"...
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Originally posted by RickG
Mama always said, "Forest....when you sleep with dogs, you wake up with fleas"...
Well, that's true. That's why I said that is better to keep your pants for a while when you use one of these services. As for meeting wackos and loosers, well, you can meet them anywhere else too! In reality, there are some nice wonderful people out there who are either too shy or have not so forgiving jobs that keep them from places where you could meet nice people. Hey, I work Sundays, weekends and sometimes in the evening. And I don't believe in bar hopping either. You could also depend on your friends to hook you up with someone. But you can also use the net for that, having the chance to check out first the picture or someone you like. I think that's great.

And yep, I had weaken up with fleas, but that also happened before Internet.
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but as soon as the goats and hens start to show up in the bedroom
damn! Why don't they teach this stuff in freshman health in High school? This stuff answers everything!
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i am no internet green guy. i have been online (addicted!) since the early nineties and have done plenty of chatting on irc, aol instant messenger, message boards, etc.

i have "met" many a fine person online. i had a pretty serious relationship with a girl that i met online. we talked for almost a year before anything past just that happened though. i have friends whom i've only met once, but are extremely close with only through online communication. i have never used a dating service though.

it strikes me as a bad idea when i see posts like "i want to try online dating because i work too much and have no time to find women.." to me, this fits into the "diet pill" category of this generation of which which i am admittedly a part of.

my "diet pill" definition is this: i can't wait to learn or find or spend the time to do something right, so i'll take the quickest route to what i want, even if this is unhealthy or harmful to me. i use diet pills as my favorite example of this in today's society. people don't want to work out or excercise; they just want to take a pill and wake up thin, even if it takes years off of their life.

getting back to my point (does he even have one?!), if you spend absolutely no time getting into a relationship, i don't see how you can expect it to be a lasting one. yes there are a few chosen times that it works out, but i don't see how they can all work out too well. if you have no time to meet a woman, how can you expect to find time to spend with one? don't find yourself caught in a relationship/marriage that you don't want to be in; don't become another divorce statistic. trust your gut.

i agree with tuberoller's opinion to meet women in courses of some kind, or at a show of music you like. i agree that clubs and bars suck -- nobody meets their soulmate while hammered and ****ing eachothers' legs on the dance floor. i'd add "church" or "gym" to that list as well, if that's your thing.

to me, joining a service like this seems to be more of an act of desperation and you're only going to be finding people who fit into that category.
I guess she likes losers.
acidtripwow: ain't that always the way? at least, it always seems so when it involves my female friends that i have a crush on.
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The biggest problem with cyber romance is that you can't be 100% certain who the hot babe at the other end of your computer really is.

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Dude, I don't even want to know why you have that picture.
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Oh. My God. Head-fi has sunk to a new low.
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Budgie said...

Dude, I don't even want to know why you have that picture.
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Now, I don't mean to insult anyone, but did anyone think of kevin gilmore when they saw the face? <tries to block out the rest>
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Originally posted by mbriant
The biggest problem with cyber romance is that you can't be 100% certain who the hot babe at the other end of your computer really is.

Yikes Mike! What kind of websites you go to? Is that Santa Claus?
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LOL. My appologies to anyone who's been traumatized.

This was sent to me by a friend as a warning. I thought I'd share.

It's true though. Meeting someone online can be risky. It's a blind date without even a friend's recommendation.

dhwilkin: close

andrzejpw: I noticed you came back twice. Hmmmm.
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