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Originally Posted by fewtch View Post
Koss "the plug" ... bought from an eBay seller, and uggghhh... I ended up destroying them, as I wouldn't foist bad sound like that off on someone else.

I'm always looking for quality, budget sound. After all, it's no surprise when $500 phones turn out to be good; when cans costing less than $50 turn out to sound even acceptable, that's cause for celebration where I come from.

I still remember that awestruck feeling when I slipped on my first set of PortaPros; I couldn't believe the tight bass, the good freq balance, the imaging. So when Radio Shack put the SparkPlugs on sale for $10, I grabbed a pair.

Call them the anti-PortaPros. Sloppy, bloated bass, no detail in the midrange, and no highs at all. Add to this a complete lack of acoustic isolation, and you have yourself one squealing pig of a lousy headphone. After trying them with Er-6 tips in the vain hope of hearing some improvement, I threw them away.

Oh well. They did come with a nifty little storage pouch. I now use it as a change purse.

I'm keeping an open mind about the KSC75s.
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Originally Posted by DrBenway View Post
I'm keeping an open mind about the KSC75s.
The Plugs and the KSC75's shouldn't be placed in the same league. I actually first bought the Plugs and assumed Koss could do no right.
The 75's are probably the single best deal in audio, period.
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Sony MDR-D777 Atlus Eggos, I had my doubts about these even coming close to the D66 and D77 Eggos and I was right, I took a risk and now I have a pair of muddy, horrible (imo) sounding headphones.
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Ok,so basically what youre all saying is the only cans that are good are Stax, Fostex, and Goldring.....because everything else i can think of seems to have been a dissapointment to a bunch of people.

I have no regrets on my vintage Fostex T-20RP, and i never tried the other two.
Oh,jecklin Floats werent mentioned either, and if so,im sure Duggeh would defend them...lol.

So almost everything out there stinks, so lets all listen to speakers!

But yeah....worst headphones i own in my profile are:

AKG K26p
Senn. PMX200
Koss The Plug
Philips ear buds SHE2650 with extra bass

All the rest that ive purchased,i have no regrets. Theyre ok for the price.
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I regret buying AKG tin cans on impulse. Very bad decision, obviously.

AKG is the single worst headphone manufacturer I've had the displeasure of listening to. These things should be illegal.
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I guess I'll be the first one to officially revive this topic by being on-topic.


The ones I regretted were a turtle beach headset (dpx21) and Audio Technica M50.  The dpx21 was just plain bad and the audio technica didn't have the comfort I was looking for (got sweaty) nor the soundstage I was looking for.  It was painfully obvious to me that an open headphone was the way to go afterwards.  I only kept both for about a month.  I wanted something with the soundstage and detail of the AD700 I used for gaming, but the low bass extension and prowess of the M50.  I also wanted the most comfortable thing I could get as well, so the DT990 600Ω was my winner.

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The worst for me was the $200 i spent on the Tritton AX Pro before I found head-fi. I was looking for an engaging 5.1 experience and went down the gaming headset route. Needless to say they sounded terrible and i ended up selling them for $50.


I also slightly regretted the ultrasone hfi-2400 and ended up returning it. I enjoyed it, just not as much as I was hoping I would. But this lead me to the purchase of my pro 900 so I now look at it as a worthy gateway purchase bigsmile_face.gif

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sm3s and westone4. These are too fragile... dropped them on the floor when they were just out of warranty and the sound's diminished in the sm3 and absent on one side of the westone. too expensive to replace the drivers... sigh...

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Back when i used to play lot of games on Xbox, i purchased Sharkoon X tatic Digital 5.1 headset for 160 dollars. I must say at first they seemed ok, but after i bought some senn IE6, they completely destroyed the sharkoon even though they were IEMs. Sharkoon had very bad comfort and the sound was just plain bad overall.

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Most remorse award goes to:

Spiral Ear SE-5 CIEM. While good quality sound and comfortable, they fall flat on so many levels for the price:

- hassle with ear impressions (had to redo)

- warm and rolled off sound, a'la Audeze LCD-2 v2; I've expected something far more neutral given the reviews

- huge price (1000 Euros)

- huge size = reduced portability

- cyborg looks when put in

- tangly Westone braided cable with L-jack incompatible with some deeper sockets


And now to headphones:

- Sennheiser HD497 - the first headphone - there were apparently better headphones around. Reviews lied, this was a mid-centric, or rather, mid-forward affair. Replaceable cable just breaks and the 2,5mm jacks were unavailable for a long, long time.

- Beyerdynamic DT1350 (sold) - not as neutral as expected, isolation on the move fell flat due to rumble being boosted. Not exactly too comfortable either, darkish sound. Enough ringing to be worse than GR07 IEM I had at the time.

- Beyerdynamic T70p - just a week later I've learned of the purrin's great CSDs. This thing has 9k ringing and not exactly nice bass. To compound the matter, I managed to break voice coil's terminating wire there while fixing that issue by cup damping. Overpriced. Should've grabbed DT880 instead.



- FiiO E7 and E17 - both lost their jack sockets due to normal usage. E7 had slight noise, while E17 was unstable with certain BA IEMs. Scammy express company (stolen package - replaced with junk) for outgoing replacement amps scared me away from the repair.

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Things I regretted buying


At ad700

Fischer fa-011

Akg k240(55ohm)

koss dj100

allessandro ms1i

Senn hd-558

Beyer dt-990(600ohm)

grado sr125

fiio e9

asus xonar d1


Things I didn't regret


Polk monitor 5a vintage speakers

Vintage sansui amp

koss ksc75 - awesome headphone

akg k271 - good but I returned it

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Sennheiser IE80 for me. Just wasn't the sound I was searching for. I guess that I fell victim to the hype machine before doing my due diligence on sound signature.

Oh well, it could have been worse, it could have been a Bose or Beats. lol
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Sony XB1000's - Bought these unheard, got them they sounded horribly muddy, 2 big spikes in areas that fatigue me. Couldn't return these ungodly headphones fast enough.

I ALMOST bought the Sennheiser HD800s unheard, after hearing them at a friends with EDM they lack bass and again too bright for me. Not worth the asking price, fantastic soundstage though.

After listening to the AKG K701s I don't understand how these can be enjoyable for anyone to listen to either.

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Senn PC360

Wasn't an impulse buy - did lots of research and read plenty of "comfortable" and "best" comments.

After about 10 minutes the things sit like a vice on the head. And truthfully they seem worse, or at least no better, on detail retrieval than far more comfortable music oriented cans. Spent a year, off and on, trying to make these work - but now I can honestly say I hate them. Going to replace them with 880s + Antlion mic - much much better all around package in my opinion.
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