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Buyer's Remorse: Headphones and earphones you bought on impulse and regretted. - Page 15

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Grado SR60s - super uncomfortable both sonically and physically. Also the most annoying cable I've ever come across.

KSC75 - well not really considering they're so cheap, but I really hated the clip on design but the sound was pretty phenomenal when paired with a LDM+.
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HD 201

I thought they'd be better than they actually were, but even with my amp I was let down somewhat. That being said, the enclosures still came in handy when I replaced the HD 201 drivers with KSC 75 drivers.
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All of my headphones. I couldn't help myself when I bought my DT880s for $250 shipped.

Only thing is I really need to buy a pair of prescription glasses and a new bumper for my car.

EDIT: Atleast I didn't go through a huge amount of crappy headphones before I discovered Head-fi.

My Order of buying...

-Sennheiser PX200 (Although they arn't that great I loved them. I remember being so excited and telling friends/family "OMG I spent $45 on headphones!" and they though I was insane for spending that much....)
-Grados SR-80s (Another "OMG I can't believe you spend $90 on headphones! WTF!?")
-MylarOne CrossRoads X3 (My PX200's broke and I needed something for my iPod. $57 wasn't that bad of a price)
-Beyerdynamic DT880 ($250, probably the most I'll spend on headphones. Although I still gotta buy a amp...)
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Grado SR225s and RS1s(though i didn't buy the latter one..more like borrowed it)
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Ety ER4. I just couldn't get a decent seal with these. Tried all the tips it came with. It sounded like I was listening to music coming from a neighbors bedroom, with a blanket over my head. I KNOW they sound better than that when properly seated, because there is no way the number of Headfiers who praised them at time of purchase could enjoy the same sound.

The only thing close to an IEM Ive tried since is the JVC Marshmallow, and it fits like a glove (though it has lackluster treble)

Now Im thinking of getting some UE10 Pros....
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the A900, decent headphone for sure, but it just isn't for me. I am not a gamer, nor do I watch movies with headphones and for music alone the slightly recessed mids, boomy bass and clamp (all IMHO) just don't do it for me. I am considering selling them (pretty much hasn't been used at all, kept in the original box 99% of the time)
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The A900s aren't really noted for their musical purposes. You rarely see them recommended here for music listening.
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well, the box did have a saxophone on it and not Mario Bros. or a controller... so it fooled me
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Marshmallows. And all the sony clip-ons I bought before. Oh, and a pair of philips in-ears that wouldn't fit in my ears.
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Where do I begin?

Futuresonics FS-1. Horrible sound, and from a reputable company.

V-Moda Vibes. Charm wore off in a week or two.

iGrados. Never liked the sound, though I do like my SR-80s.
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ATH ES7....lack of bass, all treble, and no soundstage, juz boring sounding actually....all when compared to my blu-tak modded k518dj of coz
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The headphones I regretted buying: the Panasonic RP-HJE50. Good isolation, but totally NO bass and wasn't that efficient either. I returned the headphones in no time flat and got the vastly superior Creative EP-630 instead.
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Ultrasone DJ1 - I bought them cause they looked cool. They sounded sorta detailed but thats it. It would sound ok if I hadn't ever heard any other headphones.. ever. They're just lifeless. Quite dead in fact. stay away from them.
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Just bought a pair of Yuin PK1's, nothing wrong with the phones (they are every bit as good as they say) but for my needs just not cutting it. Bought for the journey to and from work but they just haven't enough juice unamped.

Going to sell them and get a pair of those aluminium AT's
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Please don't beat me up for this one - Alessandro MS-1. Extremely uncomfortable for me and not worth almost 7x the price of my KSC75s (I felt they had similar sound). I guess I'm just and AKG guy through-and-through.
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