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Buyer's Remorse: Headphones and earphones you bought on impulse and regretted. - Page 14

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Grado SR60. These were one of those impulse buys after reading a raving review in Stereophile. The phones are uncomfortable, poorly made and the worst sounding of any in my collection.

Fortunately, the rest of my phones are very good. I'm grateful to have all these bad attributes in one pair of phones, rather than have to spread it around. I still own them, we use them to detect signals. It is the only headphone pair I would actually walk up to someone at a store who's considering them and caution them.

Headphones are a very personal item, though. I'm sure someone else might like them. I mean, the original review did, didn't he?
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Audio Technica CK-7's.

I just bought some Shure's E2C's (because I could. :P), and these blow the CK-7's away in comfort and sound stage. A little less detailed, but the range is greater than the CK-7's, and the sound stage, for me, is much broader. It's probably because I never really could get the CK-7's to fit correctly. I just replaced the E2C's tips with ultra-soft tips and they worked the first time I put them in.

Don't worry guys, I'm getting a pair of Super-Fi 5 Pro's comin in the next couple weeks. The Shure's are for cheap(-er) isolation IEM's when I don't want to be carrying around 200 dollar headphones with me.

-The Grinman
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im kinda regretting getting my akg 501 and LDII+. I DIDNT KNOW STAX WAS THAAT CHEAP!!! the 2020 system was 1500 aud in a hifi store and i loved it and wished i could afford such an expensive headphone. at pricejapan the 2050 system is 620aud including shipping and insurance and that suff.

my ears could have been so happy i love my 501s but they just dont stack up to electrostats. electrostats do everything soooo well.

the bass is not boomy or punchy or slow. its so much more like what bass really sounds like than my 501. the highs are detailed but dont stab your ears EVER. the mids are the best part. drooling.........
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Koss Plugs. What a waste of 15 bucks. That's it, though :]
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I do not know if I may reply to more than one month dead thread, but I am new here and I just want to share my disappointment.
First my first "real" headphones (I had to quote one of this thread contributors ) I purchased in jan-2003 (MDR 7506) and anything before were bleeah. Well, I regret following:
1) some open portable Panasonic (I do not remember the name - it is more than ten years), however I liked them (very shortly) - they were my firts one cord HP
2) aiwa HP-A371 bleeeeeeeah - sound, cords, cups, headband,.... (any comments are worthless)
3) three Hama (SL230, SL240, SL260) all purchased 1997/1998; at that time I liked them (especially SL260 - my first headset, I used them as portable HP)
4) Senn HD477, they were planned to be my portable stuff, but I used them only five or ten times and I really disliked them - sound of course, but also the cups - very bad to the bed
5) AKG K 305 AFC. One of first AKG radio-wireless HP, but I expected more. I saw them in one radio station, so I hope they use good phones, but by the time I realized I was wrong. The "sound" is now after eight or nine years of continual usage more than bad. They are crisping and rustling and the volume button is moreover damaged. However I have no others wireless, so I (or better my mummy by cooking ) still use them.

Summary: 1) - 3) I still have but do not use for many years; 4) however disappointing still in usage
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K701. An overall downgrade from the K501, and almost as uncomfortable as a Grado. I missed the K501s and rebought them, but I'll be glad to never have to listen to a K701 again.
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W5000 - a beautiful headphone that doesn't nearly sound as wonderful as it looks.
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Originally Posted by stefancolson View Post
Ultrasone Proline 2500. They sounded like someone took a BROKEN pair of the cheapest headphone Grado makes, fed them so much signal that they were or the verge of blowing up, then shoved them down my throat and started punching me in the face. The fact that they cost more than $300 was an extra little kick in the balls to boot. Hands down the worst sounding piece of audio gear I've ever heard. Period. Complete garbage. Show me a man (or woman) that likes his Ultrasone Proline 2500s, and I'll show you a man who has ears made of lead.
How things change! Maybe he had the infamous cable-is-not-screwed-in-all-the-way problem?
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Their Triport IE earbuds at around $140 (that's £69.99 in rip-off Britain). What was I thinking! They're okay I guess, but the £35 Senn HD212s blew them away - I much prefer a full sized can. I'm looking to sell them on ebay asap and get some Grado SR-60s.

PS. I'm told I can't return them because of hygiene reasons. Do I have a legal leg to stand on here?
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Sennheiser HD600s... *sigh* maybe 10hrs on head total since October. 600 looked like a good option to complement my Grados... instead it was like going to a restaurant to find that everything on the menu had chocolate sauce poured on it. Can have anything you want to eat, cooked any way you like it.... just with chocolate on it.

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Sennheiser HD580. 10 minutes on head... Back in the box they went.
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Definitely my AKG K26Ps. All bass and nothing else. Utterly useless and gone in a flash.

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Sony earbuds that I bought...
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the sony mdr 7502 I bought for a buck
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and just the reverse. on a semi-impulse buy, i picked up a woodied SR325. absolutely love them.
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