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Buyer's Remorse: Headphones and earphones you bought on impulse and regretted. - Page 2

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I *almost* just bought the hd280's after reading the reviews to, figuring I wouldn't have to keep looking for headphones then. Good thing I tried the Sony's - even though I'm not getting them either, they reminded me that my music doesn't have to sound flat and sterile!
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First it was the portapros that had a small steel hook the kept cutting into my ear-returned.the sr60 that sounded great until the earache started and i heard the harsh sibilent sound on some music-returned.Next the hd555 that were so unexciting and i couldnt figure out why until i read posts on the veil concept and sure enough i felt that was what was going on -sold.
I have the ksc75 and that is still the sound to beat.I just got new dt990 and sounds very good but some comfort issues with tightness and ears getting hot.I guess all of this is just the forum curse.always looking for something better or different based on user reviews.
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Sony earbuds, the MDR-EX71SL in particular. Total rip-off.
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sony mdr xd200
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So far? Creative HN-505 - I got a good deal on them, and it was before I found Head-Fi, but they aren't as good as my portaPros.
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Originally Posted by underdogg
sony mdr xd200
Il second that
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Panasonic HJE50

They got good review over here from some people, said they sounded better than the Sony ex71 and I needed portable isolation. Well, I surely wouldnt want to listen to the sonys, because these phones sucked BIG TIME, nothing good about them other than their isolation. At least they were cheap.
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HD-500 Blecchh!
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That's easy: the Bose Triports.

Bought them on impulse, returned them within a week and got my money back.
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Originally Posted by audiomagnate
HD-500 Blecchh!
Actually, I have to disagree with those who disparage the HD-500. I know the bass is boomy and muddy, but with proper equalization, they are great for watching action movies.

If you like the explosions, thuds and crashes that you get from your surround sound system (with subwoofer), but hate to miss all that when watching your DVD movies with headphones, the HD-500 is the headphone to use. Just don't use "bass boost" on your AV receiver, though.

The HD-500 is certainly not that great for music (as I said, too much bass), but they come to life with my DVD/av system, with a bit of EQ balancing.

That's why I kept mine.

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AKG K26P. After my SportaPros broke i was really excited when i saw Headrooms "review" of them to be great cans for rock, and ordered one. My greatest dissapointment in headphones. All bass, phony mids, rolled off highs.
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Hmm this is tough. I'm gona say the sony MDR-XD400. I should have just gotten the A900 the first time around.
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No Buyers Remorse here.

Every headphone I bought I researched thoroughly and was impressed with every purchase.

There was some concern prior to receiving the headphone as I moved up the ladder but each and every one was impressive and well worth the money.

An informed consumer is our best customer.

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Originally Posted by incognitoedleon
nsjong, were the HP460's bad? I considered getting them awhile ago.
I think the price is outrageous. I haven't even recieved it yet and still, it's crazy.
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