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Buyer's Remorse: Headphones and earphones you bought on impulse and regretted. - Page 9

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Grado SR60 - Too bright and harsh... and flimsily made.
Sennheiser Noise canceling phones - the things leaked bass and self-cancelled their own sound, better than they canceled the outside sound I was seeking to remove. Even without the noise canceling, they were mediocre sounding.

I've had other Sennheiser models I liked, but I can't bring myself to buy Grado's, even though others report good things.
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Oops, never mind; doesn't qualify.....wasn't an impulse buy. Should have gone up a notch to a better model of the same line anyway.
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Beyer dt250-250. The earcups were too small and they just did not have enough bass for me. Sold them to another head-fier who tweaked the bass to his liking, thankfully! The small earcups really chafed the back of my ears though- even if the sound had been to my liking, that would have been the final deal breaker.
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Originally Posted by Elephas
AKG K26p: same experience as some of you who posted before. Muddy bass, not comparable to the PX100 at all.

Audio Technica ATH-CK5: inexpensive, and clear-sounding enough, but completely lacks bass. The shock of its bassless sound is still propagating through my mind, and I'm staying away from the ATH-CK7.
yes, how could i forget the ck5. cheap and sounds like their price. i think i used mine for a total of 2hours before throwing them into the drawer for a few months and then finally selling them. the ck7 on the other hand are totally different. i really liked them but also needed more isolation. it's surprising how they little they isolate for an in ear type
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Senn HD-590 ...that was my first good headphone and once I heard others I packed it away and unloaded it later on. Fortunatly I bought it used.
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None, thankfully. However, I did have buyer's remorse from the HD25 velour pads. Those were awful.
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ER-6i. before browsing Head-Fi regularly, i bought this at retail (too expen$ive!). next to the EX71s*, these are one of the worst headphone purchases i've made

E3c. despite the fairly cheap price i bought em for ($60), again on impulse as i've sold it a month after.

although i did mention the EX71s, they were at a time when i wasn't even registered on Head-Fi. they technically werent an impulse but in retrospect, i did regret buying those...
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Not one but 2 pairs of Bang & Olufsen phones - the Earphone and the Form 2 (pretentious twerps).

Truly a matter of form over function. Oh well, I've learned.
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Originally Posted by Meyvn
None, thankfully. However, I did have buyer's remorse from the HD25 velour pads. Those were awful.
Why, what's wrong with them? I find them much more comfortable than the pleather jobs.

My worst purchase of recent times was the Shure E2c. I find them very uncomfortable due to the thicker stems compared to other IEMs. Even the smallest sleeves are too big for me. And don't get me started about those stupid stick-on wax guards.
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Shure E4. Thought they'd fix what was wrong with the UM2, but instead, they introduced a whole new host of problems.

Sennheiser HD650. Wanted to spend some time with these, as they're so very popular around here. Well, it's been... educational, but I don't really need them, and like them less than the HD600's.

It's a good thing there's the F/S forum, so buyer's remorse only lasts until you sell them off.
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probably not...

but i was about to pull the trigger on a pair of um1 but at the last second, thought i'd treat myself and "upgrade" to the e3g.
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I got some Creative HQ-1300s after finding out they were rebadged ($100!) Audio-Technica ATH-FC7s. Either I missed the Featured Full Review here or it wasn't up yet, I don't know. I did check for some reviews but the only trustworthy-looking one was from a member of a Minidisc community. The guy wasn't raving about them but then he was comparing them to Grado SR60s.

The Creatives were only 30 bucks! How could I lose!? Big fish small pond effect was sure to save the day!

Well. I can't honestly say they're the worst headphones I've ever used, but that's only because I'm also the lucky owner of some physically-painful-sounding $2.50 Pioneer SE-450s.

The HQ-1300 produces loud, sloppy globs of midbass with neither depth nor texture. Highs are muted and lacking in detail. The mids manage to sound both overly loud and muffled. You know how people are always saying the Koss UR40 sounds like you're standing in a velvet-lined cavern? The HQ-1300 makes it sound airy and wide open by comparison.

It's like listening to your neighbor's music through a thick wall.

Oh and as a bonus the clamping mechanism is a stepless springy affair, meaning it keeps retracting the pods up off your ears and you can never get it to center.

Sorry for ranting like that but these things are just BAD.
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KSC55: inconfortable to the point of being unusable. Ended up whit a broken headband. I wanted to try the "koss 60 ohms" sound and it was the only model the local shop had in stock. I later bought ksc75s from the web that I love. I should have waited and ordered these first.
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For me, its PortaPro.
Reading how many people praised and liked the PP I convinced myself to buy one. I also heard that PP driver is the same as legendary KSC35.
When I heard it at home I disliked the super bloated bass and the way it is put on head. Really complicated! Plus the sound signature is completely different compared to KSC35.

Well, now I still stick to my PX100.
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