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Buyer's Remorse: Headphones and earphones you bought on impulse and regretted.

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Since there's a seller's remorse thread, why not a buyer's remorse thread?

So what's the worst set of cans you bought one impulse?
Price or sound, doesn't matter.

I have to say mine are the HP460's cause of their price.
Not to mention something I just bought off eBay.

Link: http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?...e=STRK:MEWN:IT
Due to the fact that I didn't tell my friend (who lets me use his paypal) before buying this. Lets see how he'll react...
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i have to say my HD650s since i really can't drive them up to their level yet, that takes alot of money...i should have saved 150 and gotten the HD580
The Eh150, for that money i could have had a PX100, which sounds better and is alot more portable.
SR60, it was great, but i only used it for 1.5 months before i moved on to the Ultimate Ears super fi pro 5 for my portable setup.
Ulatime Ears Super fi pro 5, it sounds great, but i feel that being an ipoder, i'm wasting their abilities, my ipod could have been just fine with studio 3s instead.
really, only my PX100s, which i bougt for 24 dollars i don't regret.
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Koss "the plug" ... bought from an eBay seller, and uggghhh... I ended up destroying them, as I wouldn't foist bad sound like that off on someone else.
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A handful of Sony earbuds and clip ons.

All have had little to no use as they sound horrible, since I discovered this site and the Grado sound...
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The most of my headphone purchases have been good deals, so I really don't have much to regret. I guess the only one is Senn HD570, which cost me around €120. Good value, eh?

But that was many years ago and now my kids are enjoying the sheer comfort and surprising robustness of the HD570. And I just can't bring myself to sell my first decent pair of headphones.

Well PX200 eventually didn't fit my ears, but I didn't lose that much money on them. My only regret about them is not getting the PX100 in the first place.
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Hmm, I'll say the HJE50's. I wanted to try out a pair of IEMs, found a cheap price and went for the plunge. Then remorse hit when I would have to spend like 5 hours (ok I'm exaggerating ) untangling the ridiculous cords since one side is over 3 times longer than the other.

nsjong, were the HP460's bad? I considered getting them awhile ago.
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Shure E5c, way too costly for the sound and didn't have lasting ear appeal.
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sure, they're better than KSC75s, but they better be at that price. they might be 11.3x the cost, but probably 1.5x, maybe 2x better.
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The PX-200. Awful, and my ears weren't even very trained back then. What a cloudy mess, I thought it would go away after 100 hours, but it never did.
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JVC HP-DX1000. In hindsight, what a load of rubbish for over $1k retail (I paid $800). Ok, some people might find them fun, and they sure look and feel nice, but I consider it a bit of an embarassment to produce a headphone that distorts what you put into it to that degree and then charge you through the roof for the privilege...
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Creative EP-630. Accuracy? what accuracy? for some songs its way off. They were 10AUD cheaper than my koss ksc75 although they sound worse, as the ep630 have veiled highs. (I basically have to boost the higher frequencies with a parametric eq to fix this problem up).

Basically i felt that my koss "ksc/7" (yes its a 7 [one digit]) was a better buy than this lol.
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Panasonic HJE-50. Real small and cheap-sounding. Bad assymetrical cord. A night of breakin didn't help.
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Glad to say that I didn't really buy anything that I regretted as far as headphones are concerned. Well, maybe the E4c, but only because it's not my type of sound. For the money, it sure kicks!
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Ahh, a while back i was contemplated between a pair or e2c's and er6i's. In the end I picked up a pair of e2c's and boy was I not happy. To me, they sounded terrible, even with a decent seal. I ended up selling them. Just recently I've purchased a pair of er6i's and boy, I wish I would've bought them in the first place. Just my little story
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The HD 280's for me.After reading all the reviews on amazon i purchased it expecting better than a vice grip on my head.

Sometimes i swear those reviews are bogus.
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