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What amp are you HD650 guys using? - Page 6

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i have a graham slee green solo driving the hd650
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Cascoded Current Mirror high biased diamond buffers driven by AD744 opamps. 3 channel, PPA-style.

Sorta a hybrid between M^3 and PPA and with my own version of the diamond buffer.
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Resurrected after two years... But still a valid question, considering some recent threads.
Nice also to see a mention of the Amity HPA6S. I have an HPA4S (which is the same only with 2 volume controls) and it is astonishingly good.
I have used the following amps with my HD650 (I only mention the amps that did/do well in my opinion):
Musical Fidelity X-can V3 (Pinkie modded + Little Pinkie PSU).
Amity HPA4S.
Corda Prehead MKII SE.
Graham Slee Solo.
Rudistor NX33 (balanced)

Now using:
Rudistor RPX-100 (balanced)
RSA Stealth. (single ended)
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I use either the Gilmore lite & DPS or Graham slee voyager.
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From what I own, my Central Station has been my recent favorite. I use a balanced cable with the rear balanced Cue output.
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I used a Hornet M before.

Now I'm using a Corda Cantate.
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DV 336i and LD MKIII - both do a very nice job albeit a bit different.
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HD650 is stunning with GS-X in balanced mode.
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HD650 driven by HP100 from DA100.
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Balanced HD650 Driven by Benchmark DAC1 USB through the balanced outputs.

I have a GS-X on order.
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HD650 (+Equinox) driven by a 2007 Slee Solo or a MiniBox E+.
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I drive mine with either a CK²III or a 3-channel ß22. I haven't done enough comparison to pick a favorite; they both sound wonderful.
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650/Equinox to SP Extreme Platinum
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650 + Equinox to Graham Slee Solo + PSU1

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Im using a mini3
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