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Currently I'm pairing my HD-650's with a Meier Corda Cantate and I can't say it's bad.
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My 650s only have about 35 hours on them but so far they're sounding great with the Benchmark HPA2 and the Cardas cable.
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I don't have any experience on parallels but HD650 + Meier Ariatta may not be the most optimal combination.
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Until my HR balanced desktop turns up im runing mine through the voyager and it doing a pretty fine job
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Woo Audio WA6 maxxed with Mullard GZ34 fat black base + RCA 6DE7's.
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I'm using my 650 with a fully modded X-CANv3 or a GS-1 depending on the music.
And for movies I'm using the Philips HD1502, a Dolby-Headphone processor for DD and DTS.
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Back to advice from the first page I love the PPAv2 (or PPAv1 + Discrete Buffers) with the HD650, easily the favorite amp I've owned thus far for them.
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Here is a HD650 with Corda Opera. I've tried the following :

- Project HeadBox (bad)
- Heed CanAmp (fine but a bit too warm for the already warm HD650)
- Corda Opera : GOOD ! I switch from the z to the Z output depending on the mood. z = analytic, in your head session, Z = laid back, panoramic image.
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I use my HD650's with the RSA Predator and RudiStor RPX-33. Doesn't sound half bad on either, but I think I prefer my closed Edition 9's for the isolation and more impressive bass. (I'm not a huge fan of open headphones, generally...)
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Serial lurker here... but felt it was worth comment.

I've been enjoying my HD650's with a Talisman T-35HP for some time now. A spectacularly underrated amp, particularly around these parts...

I tend to rate (and enjoy) amps with a focus on neutrality - and therefore every emotive superlative that seems to stem from that - and a lack of background noise.

I also have a Graham Slee Solo and a DIY M3 both of which I run off a dual tracking DC lab power supply. I like them all for various reasons but I always come back to the Talisman.

Carry on!
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Running mine out of a zana deux.

Probably only 100 hours of use on the 650s so far, but sounding GRRREAT!!

It has been mentioned several times b4 that there is a synergy between the 650s and the Zana...
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I use mine with the dac 1 if I am lazy( it is right beside my computer) and a Cary slp-88 tube preamp which sounds WICKED, but I have to get off my ass and plug in a short ways away, my 20 ft equinox cable should be here tomorrow. These are my second pair, and I think putting time into my speaker rig has given me a new appreciation for their realistic, smooth, fabulous sound. They made me sell my jvc-dx1000, the honky midrange thing I had read about became very apparent after listening to my speakers and the 650's.

ok, bye
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I use a Balanced β22 => Sennheiser HD 650

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Just got my 650s, but using a DV336i with it...very nice amp, had it for a while now and its rock solid no problems.

I might upgrade and go balanced as everyone is talking how wonderful the 650s are balanced.
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Graham Slee "Green" Solo
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