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Beyer DT 250 or DT 770pro?

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Thanks all,for all the info about phones anyone can get.Right now,im listening to Richard Leo Johnson(really good acoustic guitar player)through my senn HD565. The senns are great for all kinds of music,EXCEPT for rock and dance(my mirage bipolar speakers are much better).Plus they leak sound like hell.
For that matter i need your advice on which of the two closed beyer phones to get.EX.:which of the two leaks less sound,which has the best sound for rock and dance music,and which one is more confortable.
obs.:i have nothing against grados,sony mdr 7506,denon,or whatever other brand.But PLEASE,im only interested in beyer phones.Specifically the DT 250 or the DT 770pro.
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Three questions, three answers:

1. I have never directly compared the 250 and 770 in regard of sound leakage. Beyer states on their English site that the DT 250 has 16 dB(A) of isolation and the DT 770 Pro 18 dB(A).

2. If you equate best sound for rock and dance music with bass handling capabilities, then I'd say the 770 Pros (250 Ohm) are hard to beat in terms of bass extension and impact. To my ears, the DT 250 (80 Ohms), although very respectable, isn't even as deep or impactful as the open DT 990 Pro (250 Ohm). But Beyer recommends their 250 Ohm version of the DT 250 (that I don't know) very emphatically, and one main advantage of Beyer's new 250 Ohm drivers seems to be their extraordinary bass handling capabilities. In terms of bass, the DT 250 (250 Ohm) might be the equal of the 770 Pro (250 Ohm).

But the DT 250 (80 Ohm), that I do know, exhibits a slight, albeit inobtrusive, honkyness in the midrange, that I'd attribute to their rather small driver enclosures. So the DT 250 (250 Ohm) might have a similar colouration. The thing, both DT 250 have going for them, is very good sensitivity. They might provide more low-level detail than both the 770 and 990 Pros.
But I think you can't go wrong with the DT 770 Pro (250 Ohm). They have bass of such solidity, control, depth and impact that you can kill insects or small mammals with them. If you want. I never have. But I suspect one could. If one wanted to. Not that you'd have to.

3. Neither the DT 250 nor the DT 770 Pro are very comfortable. Both clamp the listener's head somewhat. The DT 250 with a pressure of 4.5 N, the DT 770 Pro with a pressure of 3.5 N. But I'd say that the DT 770 Pro is the more comfortable headphone, because it is completely circumaural, while the DT 250 is just barely circumaural. If your ears are big, the 250swill rest on the edges of the ear-lobes.

ded, if you decided to get any of the Beyers, would you post a review comparing them to your Senn HD 565? I'd be very interested in that. I have listened to the HD 565 only briefly but have been quite impressed with their smoothness.
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Thanks again Tomcat.I will tell my friend to get me those DT770pros.
I cant wait to making a full review of how the Sennhiser HD565 compares to the Beyer DT770pro.
Now that should be both interesting and challenging(since i do not write so well in English).
just one more question:i know this is not http://www.harmony-central.com,but do you know if i the beyer phone will sound good plugged into my ADA guitar preamp(since it has a headphone jack that says:600 OHMS OR MORE)?can i use it for the purpose of playing or recording late at night?
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I don't know. 600 Ohm phones are rare these days.

The ADA uses tubes, doesn't it? Those amps are often happier with higher impedance phones because the combination of low output impedance and high headphone impedance will provide a better damping factor and more bass control. Low-impedance Grados or Sonys might not be the best choice with the ADA, but if your 120 Ohm Sennheiser 565 works with it (120 Ohm has been an old standard for the output impedance of headphone jacks, btw), 250 Ohm Beyers ought to be suited even better.

How expensive is the ADA? Have you tried it as a headphone amp before? People seem to be raving about its merits as guitar preamp, but maybe it is just as great as a headphone amp. What do you think?
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Tomcat,how can i use the ADA as a headphone amp?which connections should i make?
obs.:i bought it used for $80 at a store specialized in reconditioning used equipment for musicians and DJs.
the name of the store is Daddys Junky music store(just that there is nothing junkie about them.Ask anyone.)
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I agree fully with tomcat, if that at all helps.
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If the ADA is monaural and has only one channel for amplifying a single guitar, it would be useless as a normal headphone amp. I thought it might have RCA line inputs as well, and was maybe stereophonic?

But for 80 Dollars, you might get another monaural one and have the world's first tubed monoblock headphone amp - if it has a line input. That would be kinda cool.

But I guess the knowledgable people at the DIY section of the forums would be the ones to ask, if you wanted to do something like that.
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Which Beyer headphones are best for studio monitoring?

Which Beyer headphones have the flattest frequency response (for neutral, non-colored studio use)?
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HairWuzHere: I'd say, these should be the DT250/250 (closed) and the DT531 (semi-open). I can't comment on the DT831 and DT 931, though, because I haven't heard these, yet...

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini
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I think the dt990 pro sounds very neutral.
And the dt250-250 is very neutral too. It has alot less 'soundstage' effect compared to the larger Beyers. Which may be an advantage for some studio use. I felt the dt770 pro added too much of a soundstage to some rock music, it sounded like the musicicans were spread out on a large concert hall stage and I was sitting somewhere in the middle of the hall.
The dt770 is probably not recommended for studio use unless you compensate for the heavy bass. If not most other systems will be light on bass.
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Another question to throw in the mix...

Can/will the Panasonic SL CT570 drive the 250 ohm versions of either of these headphones to a respectable sound quality/level? I plan on getting a closed pair for portable use but I do have an old cosmic for home use. Or should I just stick to the DT 250 80?


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Your Panasonic pcdp will clip at repectable levels driving the 250 ohm Beyers. And it will loose control of the bass before clipping.

So for no-amp use I would definately stick to the 80 ohm beyers.
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