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Acquired a Gilmore Lite LE via Asr. Transaction was smooth as can be. Very trsutworthy guy with a big heart for the Head-Fi community.
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Courtesy of Asr, I have become a lucky owner of a Gilmore Lite LE.

Enough can't be said on his generosity and contributions to the Head-fi community. Thank you once again, Asr!
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Sold to ASR (not saying what due to confidentiality request). He was a great buyer and I would not hesitate to sell to him again.
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ASR bought a pair of spc interconencts from me. Like other have said here, he's an awesome guy to deal with. Communication was top notch, payment was instant, and overall it was just a very pleasant transaction. I hope to deal with him in the future and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. Thanks again!


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Bought BeyerDynamic DT250-80.. Good and quick deal, safely shipped to Norway.. I had to solder on a new plug, but those things happen.

I'm a first time head-fi buyer, and I like what I hear.

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Bought Asr's iPod Nano. Shipped promptly, received in condition stated, overall smooth transaction.
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I was the recipiant of Asr's LC-1 cable giveaway and must prasie him for his gererosity, excellent email/PMs and extremely fast ordering/shipping. He ordered these straight from Blue Jeans Cable and had them shipped to me. they are perfect for the connection between my dvd player and new Dared MP-5 tube amp. Thank You Asr!
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This guy is awesome. I won one of his giveaways in January for KSC 75s and he provided great communications. When I didn't originally receive the package, it turned out I forgot to give him my apt number, and he resent it free of charge. What a guy!
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Asr hand delivered a Rudistor amp to me - and he lives 3000 miles away (~4800km for those using the metric system)! well it's true he did come into town for our recent meet; he didn't fly across a continent merely to hand me his amp . we had good communication leading up to the actual transaction and he was a pleasure to deal with throughout. as you can tell from this thread, Steve is a terrific, and very generous head-fier, a real asset to our community.
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While chatting with Steve at the NY meet, he just pulled a mini-mini interconnect out of his bag and asked if I could use it. Of course I wanted to compare it to my DIY cable using Radio shack wires, so I accepted. I know I didn't buy anything from him, nor was there any shipping, but I figure it was like a giveaway type thing and should be in his feedback.
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Bought the SR225 from here quick and sent me PMs to keep me informed. Great guy, packing was great, cans in A+ condition.
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Excellent HeadFier
AKG NOS 401 came well packed as stated and quick.AAA+
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A great head-fier to do business with. He bought an Audioquest Python IC pair from me, and the transaction could not have gone smoother!
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Was lucky enough to be chosen as the buyer for Asr's practically new condition AKG K701s. Quick shipping, great communication. No customs fees. Thanks alot.
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Steve bought a balanced XLR-1/4" cable adapter from me. Great communication and he knew exactly what he wanted. I would not hesitate to do business with him again and I hope you enjoy the cable!

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