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Purchased a Little Dot Micro from ASR, well packaged, and shipped quickly after sale. I recommend this Head-fier for any transaction.
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I received a pair of HD600s from Asr yesterday. They came well packed and I tracked them for days thanks to Asr who included tracking. Pads were softer than I anticipated, but other than that fantastic transaction experience. Would not hesitate to business again.
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Bought a pair of A900's from ASR. Great packaging, fast shipment, great communication. Would not hesitate to do buisness again
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Asr purchased my Rudistor NKK-01 amp. Great guy to deal with. He was very decisive and communicative throughout the transaction. We agreed on a two-installment payment and both installments arrived earlier than agreed upon. Very highly recommended head-fi'er.
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Sold Asr an AKG 501 - beautifully simple transaction - thank you very much and enjoy!
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I bought a cable from him. The cable was still in brand new condition. The commmunication and transaction went very smooth. Highly recommended guy.
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I just sold my Cambridge Audio 640c V2 to Asr. ASR is great and trustful buyer. We had a very smooth transaction and nice communication. Will do a trade with ASR again!!
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Sold Asr a pair of BeyerDynamic DT250-80s. Quick, easy, and pleasant transaction.
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Bought a pair of KSC-75's from Asr, as he was kind enough to offer these 'phones to the rest of the world (at US price ). Good communication and shipping. Couldn't be happier!
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Sold ASR a Black Sands Violet Z1 power cable. He paid promptly, super smooth transaction and he double-checks to ensure the deal would be win-win. Great asset to the community!
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Bought Asr's CEC CD3300 from him. Everything went smooth and I'd do business with him again!
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ASR was a gem of a peach and let me borrow his AD2K for an extended trial and review. To let such a fine can go for such a long time just so another Head-Fi'er could get a handle on it... fantastic! Asr's one of Head-Fi's best.
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We arranged a mutual, extended loan -- His Rudistor NKK-01 and my Portaphile PV2^2-LT1210 Maxxed. Great communicator -- courteous, thoughtful and responsive … always honest and direct. Shipped perfectly packed, prompt, and in perfect condition.

My strongest recommendation for any transaction.
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Got Asr's BS Violet PC in great shape and quite quickly - good & prompt communications with the man. thanks!
-Leon Nieh, Capt, USAF DC
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Sold my ATH-OR7s to Asr. Excellent communication and flexible. Enjoy the phones and the oversized box.
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