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Right, joule = MOV. I use PS Audio ultimate outlets. I wanted something passive, and no lights, switches, etc. KISS. I've read too many things about too many conditioners detracting from dynamics, but am glad not to read that here about folks who have these Monster units. Good for you. It surely is a "monster' unit in size, but a baby unit in terms of price.

The PS Audio ultimate outlets, and their higher end conditioners and regenerators, are (much) more expensive.

A lot of hi-fi component brands suggest not plugging their stuff into any conditioners. I asked my company, Sim, and they said it would be okay, as long as the unit was not a power "regenerator." Naim is a company that is quite explicit about not pairing their components with conditioners and after market power cords etc.

Glad the monster unit is working out for you guys
– walk
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That has to be a record. Not a double or even triple post...but 9 in a row!
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what's the word for 9?
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the word is "embarrassment." "But, I swear, I'm innocent!" Eeesh, I wish one could delete posts -- not an option an here. Anyway, I kept on getting an error message. Must've been the lack of good, clean power.

apologies, - walk
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