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FS: NHT 3.3 Speakers

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I am selling my NHT 3.3 speakers, the asking price is $1750. They are in excellent condition and sound great. You can read about them here:

NHT stopped making them because they were too expensive to make, and all of their new stuff is made in China. I need to replace these with something that fits my new room better. If you have the space for these (they are very deep but narrow), they are very hard to beat. I have the original boxes and am the original owner. PM me for more info or pictures.

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I know this post is ridicously old; but do you still have the NHT 3.3's?



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I have a good pair near Chicago, IL. I'm moving to China and these are just too big/heavy. I'd drive them somewhere. Not sure about price. email me at I'm professorbitmaster on eBay -- read my reviews and happy traders. -- Bob

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I am interested in NHT 2.9 's  or 3.3 's, along with the AC2 Center.


"Delvedeep" is my handle on Ebay.


518.444.2099 is my google voice


Live near Ann Arbor


Let me know if anyone is interested in selling.

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