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FS AKG K1000 Headphones and Siltech Cables

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Sold Thanks for looking. FS K1000’s with two custom Siltech adapter cables. The K1000’s are in very good condition, with the original wood box and AKG outer box. I just moved so at the moment I can’t find the stock (Crappy) adapter cable or the manual, but when I do find them (and I will) I will send them to the new owner.

This sale includes 2 Custom Siltech adapter cables. Since I work for Siltech you know that I didn’t go with the cheap stuff.

1st Siltech ¼” to XLR (4 pin) this allows the headphones to be used with just about any headphone amp. Perfect for running a Raptor or PPX3 Slam, or whatever.

2nd Siltech WBT-0680Ag Spades (4) to XLR (4 pin) this allows the headphones to be used with just about any other amp (Integrated or Stand Alone). Perfect for running any other high quality amp.

These adapter cables are not available to the general public. They use Siltech Generation 5 Silver/Gold metallurgy along with Siltechs proprietary X-Balanced MicroTechnology geometry. No better adapter cables can be had for these headphones.

If purchasing the parts for the adapter cables the total would come to over $500.

My price for the set is $700 including UPS ground (Paypal adds 3%). I have priced it so low to facilitate a fast sale.
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Sorry. Forgot again to state here the PM I sent before. Thanks.
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I posted this morning from my friend’s house in Pennsylvania and I have been away all day. First I would like to thank everyone who replied. I have not struck a deal yet. I will be contacting people in the order that they replied. For the people who offered more than the asking price. Well thank you very much, but I asked $700 plus paypal fees and that’s what I will charge. I don’t want a thread started about me profiteering

I will seriously miss these headphones
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