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Sudden Ringing in ear

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Today I was just sitting watching TV when all of a sudden, I experienced a very sudden loss of hearing in my right ear, followed by a period of ringing. Now I am sitting here, with a slight high pitched ringing in my right ear, along with the sensation of my ear being blocked / stuffiness, and my hearing in my right ear i estimate is down to 50% of normal at best.


I am used to my ears randomly ringing for no apparent reason but its usually short lived, but this looks to be threatening to carry on for some time.

I dont consider my headphone usage to be excessive, nor am I exposure to loud noise for long periods of time.

Any ideas what this might be!
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I've had that before. What I did was try to lie down (or if you're at work, get into some resting position) and wait it out. 'Yawning it out' might do something too, though waiting ime is the best course of action. It happened to me mostly when I was lacking sleep and hence prone to this kind of strange things.
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Thanks mate... its been an hour and a half since it happenned and i still have a stuffy ear and slightly deaf in it. Guess I'll just have to sit it out...
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Hi Paul, how are you?

That happens to me from time to time but for very short periods, usually for a minute or so. If it doesn't go away, run to an Otologist as fast as you can!!!

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It could also be that part of your brain is lacking oxygen if you lose your hearing.
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Originally Posted by pbirkett
Today I was just sitting watching TV when all of a sudden, I experienced a very sudden loss of hearing in my right ear, followed by a period of ringing.
Happens to me quite often... maybe a couple times/week. Things always go completely back to normal afterward, so I'm not too concerned.

Any ideas what this might be!
Nope... I'd like to know too .
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It could be anything, so don't get too freaked out. You could be getting sick, maybe some earwax buildup or maybe someone is talking about you

It rarely happens to me for a prolonged period of time, typically a few minutes then it goes away.

edit: Maybe your ears are telling you its time to purchase a HT setup?
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I had it for a month and a half. The ringing that is not the hearing loss thought my ear would seem stuffy some times.

Try your best to think about other things and just go on with your life. Avoid the very quiet and the very noisy.

but most importantly

don't worry


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It's fluid movement in your ears. Happens all the time to be after I've been sick and things are draining out. Take some Sudafedrine, the extended 12-hour release kind during the day and things will clear up. You might also have an ear infection, which is serious, and in that case you should see your doctor.
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This is quite a different reaction than one I read on a forum for talking about Tinnitus, where they said SHL (Sudden Hearing Loss) is serious and if it doesn't go away in a few minutes to get to the hospital right away.

...not to scare you or anything... in one case the guy went to his doctor and found out it was just ear wax, so it's probably nothing.
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my ear just the same thing (a sudden buzz or hearing loss accompanied by a feeling of sudden blood surge towards the brain and the feeling of unreality around me)


well this happened a couple of times to me and i usually panic and go on thinking its because i smoke or iam going to die, the doctor says sarcastically that someone is talking about me or its just a panic.


i dont think its any of whatever anyone says cause it happens suddenly and fades away within seconds but the unreality sensation stays.


iam at work now but wondering if anyone out there might know what iam experiencing????????????

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